How to Transfer SMS from Samsung Note 3/4/5 to S8/S8 Edge

Each phone manufacturers have their own classic series, such as Apple’s iPhone, and Samsung’s Gaalxy S series. But to be on the products that play the most important role in Smartphone market expansion, we have to mention the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Although it is only slightly expanding the screen size, this bold attempt will take Smartphone with the development of a new track. Many people are also willing to choose Note series between Samsung S series and Note series.

I am using Galaxy Note 5, this phone is good. But I’ve been using it for years. So I want to buy a new phone. Samsung S8 Edge is my ideal choice, I intend to buy this. However, because my old phone stored a lot of photos and videos, I want to transfer these files to S8 Edge, how can I do?

In fact, the transfer of data between two mobile phones is not difficult. Mobile Transfer makes this problem simple. As long as you use it, you can easily and quickly transfer data directly on two phones. More importantly, transferable data is comprehensive, such as contacts, SMS, call history, music, video, calendar and other items. Of course, the software is so secure that you can trust and use it. In addition, it also provides you with other features, such as backup data, delete data, which can be a software to meet your Requirement in all aspects.


Steps to Transfer Photos, Videos from Samsung Note 3/4/5 to S8/S8 Edge

Step 1. Download and install this Mobile Transfer. Then, launch it. As you can see, there are four options you can choose. Click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” to enter the transfer mode.

Step 2. At this time, you are asked to connect your phones to your computer. So you need to prepare the two USB lines to connect the phone. Please ensure that the Note 5 as the source phone, it should be shown on the left. If not, please click “Flip” to exchange its position.

Step 3. After connecting to your phones, you need to find and check “videos” and “photos” in the middle panel of the window. Then, click “Start Transfer”. Finally, wait a while, after the transfer is completed, click “OK”.

Note: You need to make sure that the connection between your phone and your computer is constantly in the process of the whole transmission.