One Click to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Note 3/4/5 to S8/S8 Edge

That is a dead cert for the failure of Samsung S7. Whether it is in order to restore the strength, or the continuation of the new phone has been a long time to plan, so, presumably Samsung S8/S8 Edge must have a good performance.

As a loyal Samsung user, although Samsung S7 brings us a bad experience, I believe that Samsung must restore their image through S8/S8 Edge. When Samsung S8/S8 Edge is on the market, I’ll buy it right away.
Well, the first question I should think about is how to transfer the contacts data after purchasing it.

Maybe you will say, just re enter the contact data in S8, it
is OK. But when you have 100 contacts, you wouldn’t think so. To transfer contact data quickly and easily, I will use a software called Mobile Transfer. That is a excellent software, as long as it is used, people will like it.

Mobile Transfer can transfer contacts, photos, text messages, and many other file types cross-platform phone, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, etc. And whatever data you transfer, Mobile Transfer would not damage any data. What’s more, Mobile Transfer also can backup & restore data and erase your device.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Note 3/4/5 to S8/S8 Edge

Step 1. Connect your device to computer

First of all, launch Mobile Transfer, you can see its main interface, click the blue one “Phone to Phone Transfer”. Then connect your two devices to computer via USB cables.

Step 2. Choose the files as you like

Then you can choose the file you want to transfer to Samsung S8/S8 Edge. Just check the box in front of “Contacts”. Please note that the source phone should be set on the left side while the destination phone is on the right side, or you can click “Flip” to exchange their position.

Step 3. Transfer the selected file directly

Now click “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer process. You can check the “Clear Data before Copy” box if you want to erase the destination phone before transferring. The transfer process will take a while, during the process you can have a cup of tea or coffee, but you must keep the two devices connected.

When the transmission is finish, just click OK, and now you can disconnect your phones.