Transfer Samsung Data/Contacts to Samsung A12

Summary: Data between mobile phones can be easily transferred. Not only transfer between the same type of mobile phone and system, but also between different systems, such as Android to IOS, IOS to Android, etc. Here is a guide to Transfer Samsung Data contacts/videos/photos/messages/apps/call logs/calendar to Samsung galaxy A12.

Something about Samsung A12:

Samsung A12 the new phone will have 32 GB and 64 GB storage options, With three cameras on the back, a fingerprint identification module on the back, A LCD material screen is used for the screen. A 1.8- GHz eight – core processor, The system level is based on the Android 10 OneUI system. In terms of endurance, A12 equipped with 4000 mAh batteries and 15 W fast charging, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and USB Type-C ports and other basic configuration is also available.

Mobile phones are constantly facilitating people’s lives and are a product that almost everyone can afford. As manufacturers continue to develop new features of mobile phones, the replacement of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, so the frequency of mobile phone changes has been greatly improved. Data transfer between old and new phones has become an obstacle for people to change new phones.

Methods outline:

Method 1: Transfer Samsung Data/Contacts to Samsung A12 through Samsung Smart Switch

Method 2: Use Mobile Transfer to transfer Samsung Data/Contacts to Samsung A12 (Recommend)

Method 3: Transfer Date can be fulfilled through backup to Samsung A12

Method 4: Transfer your Samsung Contacts to Samsung Galaxy A12 by E-mail.

Method 1: Transfer Data to Samsung A12 through Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung smart switch is a software that can be used for data conversion for almost all Samsung devices. It supports seamless transmission of contacts, photos, music, video, text messages, messages, etc .” and also supports switching Data conversion between Android、iOS、BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Just Three simple ways to finish Date transfer.

Step 1 : Download and open Samsung smart switch application

At the home page, you need to choose the method of moving data firstly -wireless connection or through USB connection. You can choose one of the ways you prefer.

Step 2: Select Source Telephone Platform

When your source phone is a Samsung device, choose Android/ Samsung phone.

Step 3:Click the Start button on the source phone

Also, on this page, you can choose whether to transfer data from the device’s internal storage or through a SD card.

Step 4:Click on the a unique code on the phone screen

Click on this code to ensure a secure connection.

Step 5:Select the transfer type of the data or contact and accept the content from the source phone
This is the last step to complete the data transfer. When the two devices are connected successfully, you only need to select the type of data you need to transfer and click accept to transfer the data successfully.

Method 2: Use Mobile Transfer to transfer Samsung Data/Contacts to Samsung A12

However, data transfer between mobile phones is not as difficult as everyone thought, and there are a variety of methods. Using mobile transfer software to transfer data is my most recommended method, it can not only directly realize the date transfer between mobile phones , but also a simple click operation can be completed.

Mobile Transfer is a very efficient and high safety factor of a data transfer software. It supports the Date transfer of more than 6,000 devices and transfer data between the iPhone,Android,Windows Phone and Symbian each other without any loss. It can also transfer contacts,text messages,photos and other file types directly between devices. The following are the detailed data transfer steps from Samsung to Samsung A30.


Step 1: Download and open Mobile transfer software, select “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2: Connect both your mobile phones

When the connection is finished, the system automatically scans the data and files of your source phone device.

Step 3:Select the transferred files and click the “Start” button

Choose the Date/Contacts in sourced Samsung and then click start to transfer to Samsung A12.

Method 3: Transfer Date can be fulfilled through backup to Samsung A12

Mobile transfer software can not only directly realize the transfer of data, but also can effectively backup data, and simple operation, no need for technology, easy to use.

Step 1:Download Mobile transfer software directly on your computer and click “Restore from backups”. among the many options on the page.

Step 2:Choose the backup data you need and connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

Step 3:When the connection is successful, select the file you need to transfer, and click “Start Transfer”, so that it could synchronize Samsung A12 data with your source device data.

Method 4:Transfer your Samsung Contacts to Samsung A12 by E-mail.

If you don’t have many contacts on your phone, but they are all very important, you can use email to save your contact’s vCard. But this is a laborious matter, so I do not recommend this method. But his advantage is that you can transfer and save your contacts for free. I will tell you how to transfer your contacts by email.

Step 1: Visit the source Samsung phone Contacts >Settings, and then you can choose Import/Export options and Export your contacts.

Step 2:The device exports your contact as a VCard file, and you can open the email on your phone Application, send the vCard to yourself as an email.

Step 3:Visit the email on the Samsung A12 phone, download the received vCard files and save them to the phone.

Step 4: Import vCard file contacts into the contacts list

Open the Samsung A12 Contacts >Settings, choose to import from the vCard file into the contact list, and that is. It is successfully transfer the contact from Samsung to Samsung A12.