How to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Huawei P9

Samsung mobile phone have stylish appearance, sophisticated technology quality, satisfactory screen and ring tones which are not available to other brands of mobile phones. But the Huawei mobile phone also has its unique advantages, such as P9,which is the first flagship of Huawei’s 2016 launch of the new machine, the continuation of P series of high-end fashion exquisite flagship positioning, P series is the first fingerprint phone. P9 and the German camera brand Leica reached a depth of cooperation, the configuration of Leica dual camera, re definition of mobile photography.

Huawei P9 lock high-end small screen flagship mobile phone, which is the 5.2 inch 2.5D glass screen, have a better grip and experience. Body craft using the industry’s first metal ceramic effect and the effect of engraving texture polishing. The processor once again upgraded, the first equipped Unicorn 955 processor, clocked up to 2.5GHz. It seems that Huawei P9’s appeal is very large, and if you want to change your mobile phone from Samsung to P9, we will first consider the problem of data contacts in the mobile phone, after all, mobile phone’s the most commonly used is contact with others. Below I will introduce a assistant to make your phone data transmission can be achieved,and the assistant is called Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a software that can transfer various types of data, such as text messaegs, contacts, music, pictures, apps, call history, etc.. It can achieve the possibility of transferring data in two different systems. Besides it also can achieve mobile data restore, mobile phone data backup, etc.. What’s more, it is so secure and simple to operate, and that it can adapted to most people. During the following, I would introduce how to transfer data contacts from old Samsung phone to Huawei P9.


Steps to transfer data contacts from Samsung to Huawei P9

Step 1. Select the transmission mode

There is no doubt that you have to download, install and run Mobile Transfer . After the success of the operation, you need to choose the mode that is “Phone to Phone Transfer”, simple press “Start” to enter the next window.

Step 2. Connect your phones to your computer

Next, connect your phone to your PC via USB cables.

Please ensure that your Samsung as the source phone is displayed on the left side of the window, while the Huawei P9 as the purpose phone is connected to the right side of the window. Of course, you can also exchange their location by clicking on the “Flip”.

Step 3. Transfer data contacts from Samsung to Huawei P9

When your phones are tested successfully, you’ll see all the transferable types of files showing in the middle panel, and you can check whatever you want and then click on “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer process.

Note: So as not to affect the transmission of progress, please remember that during the whole transfer process your phones can not be interrupted.

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