How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia Z6

Oh, no! My Galaxy S4’s screen was broken. I can’t use mobile phone to take photos and chating with my friends, but let me surprised that my Mum subsidized me to buy a new one. Therefore, I bought a new phone – Sony Xperia Z6, which is my long-awaited mobile phones. Sony Z6 Uses a metal back cover design, carrying Snapdragon 820 processor, be equipped with 1080p resolution touchscreen, and loading of 33.2 million pixels Exmor RS DRAM sensors and a 24mm F2.0 lens, besides, it also supports the 12V/2A fast charging technology. So, this is a superexcellent mobile phone to take a photo and get a more better user experience.

However, there is a problem has been bugging me. My contacts were saved on the phone rather than SIM card and SD card. When I use my new phone, it have no contacts. I don’t want to ask someone for theirs phone number to save again. It will waste me time and energy.

In fact, Mobile Transfer can help me to solve this problem. As we all know, Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one data management software, which is an ideal and secure tool to easily transfer contacts from Samsung phone to Sony Xperia Z6. What’s more, it can also transfer photos, videos, text messages, apps, calendars and so on with a click.

Now ,let me tell you how to use this software, first of all, please download a trial version below and go on.


Tips: You also need computer, data cables and your phones.

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia Z6

Step1: Run the software

Install the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Open the software, and then it will pop up the following interface. Click on the mode of “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step2: Connect both of your phones to the PC

Connect both your Samsung and Sony Z6 to the computer through the data cables. After the software recognizes both devices, you can see both of your phones on the program.

Tips: Please make sure that the old phone like Samsung as the source phone is shown on the left, and the Z6 as the target phone is shown on the right panel, if the location of the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them without re-connect again.

Step3:Choose the content to copy

As you can see, all the transfer data from your source phone are listed in the middle panel, ckeck the “contact” and any other data types you wanted, then click on the blue button “start transfer” to sync your data from phone to phone. After a while, the transferring process is done, it will pop up new windows. Please click “OK”.

Mobile Transfer provides you a tool to transfer contacts as well as text messages, photos, calendars and more from Samsung to Sony Xperia Z6. Don’t worry about the contacts stored in phone. When you change new phone, the contacts will disappear. This time , Mobile Transfer can help you. In addition to transferring data between Samsung and Sony, the program also supports lots of smartphones including iPhone, HTC, LG, Motolora, Huawei, ZTE, Google, BlackBerry Priv, Nokia, Window phones, etc., so why don’t you have a try.

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