How to Transfer Old Samsung Contacts to Samsung Galaxy A9

Now mobile phone upgrade so fast, my Samsung is too old. Fortunately, my father promised me to buy a new mobile phone last night. I took a fancy to Samsung Galaxy A9, it is released in late 2015, has a 6 inches SuperAMOLED screen. Secondly, it also has super narrow bezel and a design of three card slot. In addition, it will carrying Snapdragon 625 processor, running is no problem. But my father asked me, how to sync your old mobile phone’s data? I said: Don’t worry Daddy, you are never too late to know MobileTrans.

MobileTrans not only a security of free software, but also is a time saving assistant. It can put data what you need from the old cell phone quickly to the new phone without any data losing, such as contacts, text messages, photos, calendares, apps music, etc. Let me introduce how to use MobileTrans to transfer your contacts with a few clicks.

First of all, you should be prepared for a computer, two USB cables, and your two mobile phones.


Tutorial: Transfer Old Samsung Phone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy A9

Step 1: Download, install and run MobileTrans

Please install Mobile Transfer on your PC. Then, launch it.

Step 2: Connect your Old Samsung and Samsung Galaxy A9 to the PC

Your mobile phones need to be connected to a computer by USB cables. After the connection is successful, as you can see, Old Samsung is on the left, standing for source phone, while Galaxy A9 is on the right for destination phone. If you want to shift the two, just click “Flip”.

Step 3: Transfer the Selected Data to Samsung Galaxy A9 to old Samsung

After scan and read the old data on your old Samsung device, contacts and other data will display. Then, you can click “Contacts” and start to transfer it to the new Galaxy A9. It is important to note that mobile phone and computer connection can not be disconnected in the process of transmission.

Tips: Not only can MobileTrans transfer data,but also can back up you phone,restore from backups and erase your old phone. What a powerful software.