How to Export Contacts Text Messages from S7/S7 Edge to Computer

“I can’t bear my Galaxy S7! I have used it for just half a year but now it repond so slowly. I think I have a need to reinstate the factory settings. But there are so many imortant data in my Galaxy S7. It’s too inconvenient to select the data I need one by one on the computer. Are there any other more convenient way to transfer the data?”

Many people might have the similiar experience. Many people would like to clean their phone after they use it for about six months because they will find the response of the phone is slower and slower. But how can we transfer all the important data we need to the computer in a convenient way would be a difficult probrom for many people. Under the circumstance, MobileTrans (Also named as Phone to Phone Transfer) may be the best solution, which not only convenient but also safe.

MobileTrans is a mighty data transfer tool,which makes it extremely easy for you to take everything, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs. All content it transfers is the same as the original one. It supports more than 3000 devices.

The detailed steps of how to transfer contacts messages from S7/S7 Edge to computer are listed below. As long as you follow the instrument, you would find it really simple.


Three Simple Steps to Export Contacts SMS from S7/S7 Edge to Computer

Step 1. Run the program and Choose a Transfer Mode

After you download, install and run the software in a PC, the user interface will pop up. You need to click on “Back up your Phone” and go on.

Step 2. Make a Connection Between Your S7/S7 Edge and the PC.

Connect you phone to the PC via a USB cable. Make sure that MobileTrans recognizes your device. If you want to set the location of your backup folder. Simply click the menu on the right top of the window and then choose “Settings” and click “Browse” to choose the folder.

Step 3. Backup the Selected Data from S7/S7 Edge to PC

Check the files you would like to backup, here please check the box before “Contacts” and “Text Messages” and click on “Start Transfer” to begin the process. Please remember to keep the phone connected through the entire process.