Sync All Data to vivo Y56/Y100, Restore Deleted/Lost Data on vivo Y56/Y100

This article will introduce how users can transfer data including pictures, videos, songs, contacts, call logs, calendars, notes, applications, etc. to the new phone vivo Y56/Y100 via Mobile Transfer and how to use Android Data Recovery to recover data lost/deleted due to problems such as black screen, formatting, etc. on the phone.

According to the latest publicity information, Vivo will launch two new models of Vivo Y56/Y100. First of all, Vivo Y100 is equipped with a 6-inch AMOLED waterdrop display that supports 1080 x 2400 resolution; the back of the camera is equipped with a 64MP OIS anti-shake camera that supports shooting modes such as vlog movie, movie video and dual view video mode; in addition, it will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 900 (6nm) chipset and a In addition, it will be equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 900 (6nm) chipset and a 4500 mAh battery that supports up to 44W fast charging and has enhanced 24 security features. While the Vivo Y56 brings the Tiangui 700 chipset, a 6.58-inch FHD + LCD screen and a 5,000 mAh battery; and, the Vivo Y56 comes with a 5-megapixel primary camera and a 2-megapixel secondary rear camera. There is a 16-megapixel snapper on the front that supports up to 18W fast charging.

As you can see, the vivo Y56/Y100 have different capabilities, so if you’re interested you can buy them first and take your time to explore them. However, considering that you may have problems when using the vivo Y56/Y100, you may need to transfer data, back up and so on, next, we will introduce you to Mobile Transfer, a software that allows you to transfer data from your phone online, which has a wealth of features and you will not be disappointed with it.

Mobile Transfer is an excellent multi-functional data management software that makes it easy to quickly and securely transfer all kinds of information (including videos, pictures, music, applications, call logs and up to 17 other types of data) stored on your phone to another phone, making it a great assistant for switching phones. In addition, the software takes your privacy very seriously, and when you have finished transferring your data, it will delete the information to ensure that your data is not compromised. If you are interested in this professional data transfer software, you can download it and try it out.


Without further delay, please click the corresponding button according to your computer system to download this software to your computer. After installation, please follow the steps in Part 1-2 to learn how to use this powerful software.

Part 1 Sync All Data from Android/Samsung/vivo to vivo Y56/Y100

Step 1: On your computer, select Download Mobile Transfer software from the following buttons depending on your device, install and run the software.

Step 2: On the main screen, select “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode and click “Start”.

Step 3: Now, connect your old Android/Samsung/vivo device and vivo Y56/Y100 to the same computer using the USB cable. After successful connection, please note

that the old Android/Samsung/vivo should be on the left side and vivo Y56/Y100 should be on the right side.

Note: If the connection is reversed, please click the “Flip” button to swap the position of the two phones for later operation.

Step 4: After listing all the files, select the files you need to transfer and click the “Start Transfer” button. It will start transferring data to your vivo Y56/Y100 and the main interface will show the progress bar of the transfer.

Part 2 Sync Data from Backup Files to vivo Y56/Y100

Step 1: Go back to the main Mobile Transfer screen, then click on “Restore From Backups” mode and select “MobileTrans” from all items.

Note: Only MobileTrans backup files will be used this time, if you have other backup files, you can also click the Other button to do the following.

Step 2: Connect your vivo Y56/Y100 to your computer using USB and be careful not to disconnect during the backup process.

Step 3: After the computer detects your phone, you can select the backup file type as needed and then click “Start Transfer” to backup data to vivo Y56/Y100.

Data loss is really an unpleasant experience and it will affect many smart device users from time to time. Data is often lost/deleted for various reasons in daily life and fortunately, Android Data Recovery software can help to recover these files even if you have not backed up the deleted files.

Android Data Recovery a reliable and user-friendly data recovery software application that recovers your data in just a few clicks. The software handles the original data on the storage device and can recover files and folders that are thought to be permanently deleted. Data lost from an emptied Mac trash or Windows recycle bin can be easily recovered using data recovery software. What’s more, Android Data Recovery is highly compatible with more than 7000 mobile phone types and pays great attention to user privacy etc. It is popular among the market users. Next, we will explain how to perform a scan on the device and recover deleted and lost data from vivo Y56/Y100 in an effective and easy way.


Without further delay, please click the corresponding button according to your computer system to download this software to your computer. After installation, please follow the steps in Part 3-4 to learn how to use this powerful software.

Part 3 Directly Recover Lost Data on vivo Y56/Y100 without Backup

Step 1: After the installation, run Android Data Recovery and click on the “Android Data Recovery” module.

Step 2: Connect your vivo Y56/Y100 to your computer via USB cable, then open the USB debugging mode of your phone and click “OK”.

Note: For USB debugging steps, please check the relevant specific steps by selecting the corresponding brand on the Android Data Recovery software.

Step 3: After successful identification, select the file types you want to scan from the list and then click “Next” to start scanning your device in standard scan mode.

Step 4: Wait for the scan to finish, preview and select the files you need to recover, then click “Recover” to save them to your vivo Y56/Y100.

Tip: If you can’t find the files you need to recover, you can click “Deep Scan” to scan your device again to find more lost data.

Part 4 Restore Data from Backup to vivo Y56/Y100

Step 1: Go back to the main interface of Android Data Recovery software and click on “Android Data Backup & Restore”.

Step 2: Connect vivo Y56/Y100 to your computer with a USB cable. Then, two options of “Device Data Restore” and “One-click Restore” will appear on the main interface. Select the “Device Data Restore” button.

Step 3: Now, please select the data you need to backup from the backup list files and click “Start” to extract the relevant files.

Step 4: When all the contents are listed, select the desired files and click on the “Restore to Device” or “Restore to PC” buttons to restore the data.