Sync Android to Samsung Galaxy M22 and Recover Data on Samsung Galaxy M22

After purchasing the Samsung Galaxy M22, how should the data in the old mobile phone be transferred and rescovered to the Samsung Galaxy M22? I hope that through this article, you will have a certain understanding and application of the data transmission and recovery of Samsung Galaxy M22 mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy M22 is a new machine to be launched by Samsung. This time, in terms of appearance, Galaxy M22 is very similar to Galaxy F22. Galaxy M22 mobile phone adopts 6.4-inch HD + Super AMOLED display and supports 90hz refresh rate. The phone is equipped with MediaTek Helio g80 chip. In addition, in terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy M22 front selfie lens adopts the water drop opening scheme, and the rear four shots, including 48mp main lens, 8mp ultra wide angle lens, 2MP macro lens and 2MP depth lens. What’s more, the Samsung Galaxy M22 has a 5000mAh battery, supports 25W fast charging, and comes with a 15W charger.

After knowing the performance and appearance of the new Samsung Galaxy M22 phone, I believe you are a little excited about it. Some people are even planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy M22. After purchasing the Samsung Galaxy M22, how should the data in the old mobile phone be transferred to the Samsung Galaxy M22? At this time, the transmission software solves this problem. Next, I will introduce the use steps of the software to you in detail.

Mobile Transfer is a multi-purpose data management software with rapidity, security and effectiveness, which mainly consists of four parts:Phone to Phone Transfer, Restore From Backups, Back Up Your Phone, and Erase Your Old Phone. Phone to Phone Transfer is the transfer of data from one phone to another. It is available on almost every smartphone on the market, including Android and iOS systems. Back Up Your Phone is to transfer the mobile phone files to the computer. If you have used Samsung Kies, iCloud, iTunes, OneDrive and so on to backup your phone data, you can also extract the data of the corresponding file by using the Restore From Backups function, and then transfer the data to the new mobile phone. Erase Your Old Phone is to erase your information through a professional data shredder in order to protect your personal data,however, please note that once the erase data function is used, the data can no longer be recovered.


I believe that through the above introduction, you also have a basic understanding of transmission software. Please click the corresponding button according to your computer system to download the software to your computer. After installation, follow the specific steps in Part1 and Part2 to use the software.

Part 1. Directly Transfer Data from Android to Samsung Galaxy M22

Step 1: Download, install and run the transmission software on the computer,click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” button and press “Start”.

Step 2: Connect the old phone and Samsung Galaxy M22 to your computer using two USB cables. Make sure the old phone is connected on the left panel and the Samsung Galaxy M22 is connected on the right panel. If the two phones are connected in opposite directions, click the “Flip” button in the middle to ensure normal connection order.

Step 3: Select the data to be copied and click “Star Transfer” to start the transmission of the selected data. When the transmission progress reaches 100%, the data transmission is complete.

Part 2. Sync Data from Backup Files to Samsung Galaxy M22

Step 1: Go back to the homepage of the Mobile Transfer software, then click on “Restore From Backups” option and select “MobileTrans”.

Tip: This time just using the “MobileTrans” option as an example, you can also choose other backup file type like iTunes, iCloud, Kies and so on as you need.

Step 2: Connect the Samsung Galaxy M22 to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: The program will automatically detect all corresponding backup files on the computer. Select one from the list as needed to extract all recoverable files.

Step 4: After the mobile phone is detected, select the file to be synchronized and click “Start Transfer” button to complete data transfer. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the data transfer is complete.

The above Part 1-2 are the specific tutorials of the transmission software. After understanding the transmission software, you may face the next problem. What should we do when we accidentally delete or lose important mobile phone data? At this time, this safe, effective and fast recovery software was born. Next, I will introduce this recovery software namely Android Data Recovery to you in detail.

Android Data Recovery is a professional, effective and safe data management software. The software has many practical functions, such as data recovery, data backup and system repair, etc. it can easily recover almost all the data lost on any Android mobile phone (except the data erased by the shredder) and quickly back up the data of the your Android phone, one click fix abnormal Android system.


I believe that through the above description, you also have a certain understanding of the recovery software. Next, please use the software according to the specific steps of Part 3-Part 4.

Part 3. Directly Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy M22 without Backup

Step 1: Run the recovery software on your computer, and then click the “Android Data Recovery” option.

Step 2: Connect the Samsung Galaxy M22 to your computer with a USB cable. If the connection fails, open the mobile phone settings to check whether the USB debugging function is enabled.

Step 3: When your phone is detected, it will list all file types that can be recovered, select the file type to be recovered, and then click the “Next” button.

Note: The program automatically performs standard scan mode by default. Before scanning, install plug-ins as prompted and agree with related authorization.

Step 4: Wait for the scan to complete, select the required files and click the “Recover” button to start restoring data to your Samsung Galaxy M22.

Part 4. Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy M22

Step 1: Return to the homepage of the recovery software and click “Android Data Backup and Recovery” button.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy M22 to your computer using a USB cable and wait for the program to detect the phone.

Step 3: Once identified, select the “Device Data Restore” or “One-click Restore” button.

Tip: The difference between selecting “Device Data Restore” and “One-click Restore” is whether you can selectively recover the required data. The former can select any data as needed, saving more time and memory on the phone.

Step 4: Now, select the backup files you want to restore from the list and click the “Start” button to begin extracting all recoverable files from the selected backup files.

Step 5: Select the required files and click the “Restore to Device” button to begin restoring data to your Samsung Galaxy M22 or click the “Restore to PC” button to save the data back to your computer. You can view the restoration progress on the page. When the transfer progress reaches 100%, the restoration is complete.