Sync Android/iPhone Data to OPPO A96/A36/A16e, Restore Data on OPPO A96/A36/A16e

This article mainly introduces how to transfer all data from the old mobile phone to OPPO A96/A36/A16e, as well as how to recover deleted and lost files from OPPO A96/A36/A16e. I believe you will have further inspiration through the above article.

Last week, OPPO released relevant information about three mobile phones, and their excellent performance and configuration were appreciated. The front of the OPPO A96 has a hole of 43.96 million pixels, which is drilled in the upper left of the OPPO screen. Small aperture design has little effect on visual effect. The three frames on the left and right sides of the screen are relatively narrow, the chin is slightly wider, and the overall screen accounts for 90.8%. OPPO A36 body size is only 8.4mm thin + 185g light, equipped with OPPO’s exclusive streamer crystal diamond process, with nano crystal diamond structure on the back, which has certain guarantee in terms of scratch resistance and fingerprint prevention. OPPO A16e is equipped with 6.52-inch IPS LCD display with teardrop shaped bangs.

In terms of configuration, OPPO A96 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5g mobile platform, which adopts 6nm process technology and has a screen resolution of 2400×1080, with 90.8% of the screen, 180hz touch sampling rate also makes the screen touch response more timely, and OLED screen is adopted. OPPO A36 is equipped with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, which adopts a 6nm low-power process and has eight cores with high performance. In addition, the super large memory combination of 8 + 256GB can ensure that the mobile phone has enough free space to store relevant files. OPPO A16e offers 720×1600 pixel HD + resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 269ppi pixel density and gorilla glass 3 protection, equipped with a 5 MP front camera. The square camera module on the back of the phone has a 13 MP main camera and an LED flash, and is equipped with MediaTek Helio P22 chipset. The device comes with 3 GB/4 GB of lpddr4x ram and 32 GB/64 GB of built-in EMMC 5.1 storage.

In terms of performance, OPPO A96 adopts 4500mAh battery and 33W super flash charge. OPPO A36 has a large built-in battery with a capacity of up to 5000mAh, which can fundamentally and effectively prolong the battery life of the mobile phone. OPPO A16e is equipped with a considerable 4230 MAH battery.

I believe that through the above understanding, you have a further understanding of OPPO A96/A36/A16e. Of course, in addition, when using OPPO A96/A36/A16e, you certainly hope to be able to quickly and easily transfer the file data and recovery data of the old mobile phone. Next, I will introduce how to recover the data from the OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

There is no doubt that the Mobile Transfer software is an excellent multifunctional data transmission housekeeper. I believe it will become your first choice. Mobile Transfer helps users to directly transfer the data from one mobile phone to another in a click. It is compatible with major mobile phone suppliers. It is composed of four parts: Phone to Phone Transfer, Restore From Backups, Back Up Your Phone, and Erase Your Old Phone. Phone to Phone Transfer is to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, SMS and other file types from one mobile phone to another. It supports any type of smartphone, whether Android or iOS device. Back Up Your Phone refers to transferring the files of your phone to the computer. If you have an available backup file, you can also use the “Restore From Backups” function to find the data of your phone and then transfer it to the new phone. Erase Your Old Phone refers to smashing the phone data you want to delete, but note that once you use erase your old phone function, the data will not be recovered again, so please use this function with caution.


Now, please download and install this software to your computer, and then follow the steps of Part 1-2 to try transmitting your data to OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

Part 1 Transfer Android/iPhone Data to OPPO A96/A36/A16e

Step 1. Download, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer, then select “Phone to Phone Transfer” among all the items and click on “Start” button.

Step 2: Use two USB cables to connect old iPhone/Android and OPPO A96/A36/A16e to the same computer.

Tip: Please ensure that iPhone is connected to the left board and OPPO A96/A36/A16e is connected to the right panel. If the connection is opposite, click “Flip” to correct the correct data transmission direction.

Step 3: Once your phones are detected, all the files of your old phone will be listed, select the files you need to transfer, and then click the “Start Transfer” button to begin to transfer them to your OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

Step 4: Click the task box to view the transmission progress. At this time, you can check whether the selected file has been transferred to OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

Part 2 Sync Data from Backup to OPPO A96/A36/A16e

Note: Before using this method, please make sure that you have used this software to back up your mobile phone data, or that you have backup files that can be identified, such as iTunes/iCloud backup, Samsung Kies backup and so on.

Step 1: Return to the homepage of this transmission software, select the “Restore From Backups” module on the main interface, and click the “MobileTrans” among all the items.

Step 2: Now you need to connect the OPPO A96/A36/A16e to your computer using a USB cable, and choose a required backup file from the list.

Step 3: After your phone is detected, Mobile Transfer will load all file types supporting transfer and display them in the left column. It supports different file types for iPhone and Android phones. Select the file to be restored, and click the “Start Transfer” button to complete the data transmission.

Note: Please do not disconnect your phone during transmission to avoid transmission interruption.

The above Parts 1-2 are the specific tutorials of the data transfer. After understanding the transmission software, you may face another problem. What should we do the best when we accidentally delete or lose important data on OPPO A96/A36/A16e? At this time, This simple, fast, safe and efficient software is very important. Next, I will introduce this recovery software which is named Android Data Recovery to you in detail.

Android Data Recovery is one of the best Android data recovery software all around the world now. The software has many practical functions. It mainly recovers deleted and lost files including audio, videos, call logs, contacts, photos, music, videos, text messages, WhatsApp/Wechat messages, documents and more from any Android Phones/SD cards/tablets. It can easily recover almost all the data lost in the phone, quickly back up the phone data and repair the Android system exceptions with one click, ect..


Now, please download and install this software to your computer, and then follow the steps of Part 3-4 to try restoring your data from OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

Part 3 Directly Recover Data from OPPO A96/A36/A16e without Backup

Step 1: Download, install and run the recovery software on the computer, and then click the “Android Data Recovery” module.

Step 2: Connect OPPO A96/A36/A16e to the computer with USB cable and remember to enable the USB debugging on your phone’s screen, then tap “OK” to go on.

Step 3: Once your phone is detected, please select the file types that you want to restore, and then click the “Next” button to scan the selected lost contents.

Step 4: After successful scanning, you can click to preview all the scan result. Select the required files and click the “Recover” button to start restoring data to your OPPO A96/A36/A16e.

Tip: If you can not find the data you wanted, click “Deep Scan” to re-scan your device to find more contents.

Part 4 Restore Data from Backup to OPPO A96/A36/A16e

Step 1: Return to the homepage of this data recovery software and click “Android Data Backup & Restore” button.

Step 2: Connect your OPPO A96/A36/A16e to your computer using a USB cable and wait for the program to detect the phone.

Step 3: Once identified, select the “Device Data Restore” or “One-click Restore” option as you like.

Step 4: Now, select the backup files you intend to restore from the list and click the “Start” button to begin extracting all recoverable files from the selected backup files.

Step 5: Select the required files and click the “Restore to Device” button to save the selected files back to your OPPO A96/A36/A16e or computer.