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How to Transfer Photos Pictures from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer

Do you agree that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bring more convenience to our lives? I think you will totally agree with it. Whether you are a student or businessman or white-collar worker or other occupations, it seems that you need to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from time to time. With a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it’s awfully useful to give someone a call, send a message, as well as storing contact information, call logs, photos, videos music, etc.. Perhaps there are something more significant in your phone, but what if one day your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has something wrong then some of your data disappear, especially your precious photos? What’s worse, the lost photos are can not be recovered. I guess you will be drpressed if it really happens. So how can we avoid losing our vital photos and pictures by accident? I think the best solution is to backup your photos to your computer. You might have had this idea, but do you know how to transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer efficiently? If you have no idea, let me tell you. That’s why I wrote this tutorial.

Today I want to recommend you a software, with which you can transfer your data from any Samsung smartphone to computer and backup them.

Mobile Transfer is an all-around data transfer tool. It can not only transfer data from one device to another device, restore data from backups, but also can backup your phone data. As for backup data, it enables you to backup contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, videos, music and so on. Do you have faith in the fact that it can transfer data in a short time just with a few clicks? Besides, without any lost or risk. As a third-party tool, it’s extremely practical. Would you want to know how to operate this software? Please follow my steps and have a try.

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been formal sold. As it’s in highly praise, let’s take an example of transfering photos from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer.


Steps to Transfer Photos/Pictures from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Computer

Step 1. Choose the transfer mode and connect your Note 8 to PC

First, please install and run the Mobile Transfer in your computer. Next, please choose “Back Up Your Phone” in the primary window to go on.

At the same time, please get your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concatenated to the computer via USB lines. The software will automatically detect and scan your phone, when have recognized already, you can see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is displayed on the left.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to backup

Now it’s time to choose the file types like photos that you tend to transfer. Then click the “Start Transfer” button to start the process. It will take you some minutes to wait but it’s worthwhile.

By the way, in order to raise efficiency, please don’t disconnect your Galaxy Note 8 until it’s completed. Just wait patiently.

Step 3. Check your backup file

When the photos have been transfered, you can click on the pop-up window to check it. Or you can go to the settings to find the backup file. In addition, you can change the path of your backup file there.