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How to Transfer All Data from Old Galaxy to Samsung J3/J5/J7

Samsung's J3, J5 and J7 are a series of products that they both have beautiful appearance and smooth running speed. In addition, their prices are also satisfactory, is in line with the tastes of the public. If you do not need a particularly high configuration of the phone, these three are worth recommending. Because they all meet your basic needs. It can be said that they are value for money.

Next, will you think I want to introduce these three phones? The answer was No. About the three phone’s evaluation you can search online, the answer is more detailed than my online. And I intend to solve a problem, that is, how to transfer the old Samsung phone contacts to the three phones?

This problem is very common, when we buy a new phone, we often have the need to transfer mobile phone data, then, how the approach is simple and useful?

You can use Mobile Transfer. This is a versatile data transfer software. It can help you transfer your mobile phone data to another mobile phone, it can also help you back up, remove the phone data. In addition, the software can be achieved the goal which transfer data between the two different systems phones, such as Android to iOS. You can safely use it if you need to transfer the data from your iPhone to Android. The software has a simple and orderly interface, but also to provide you with a detailed tutorial. So, then I will introduce how to use the software?


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Galaxy to Samsung J3/J5/J7

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer through the above buttons, then install and run it. When the primary interface pop up, click "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start".

Step 2. Connect your two Samsung phones to your computer with the USB cables. After successful connection, you need to sure your old phone is on the left side, if not, please click on "Flip" to exchange theirs position.

Step 3. If done, the program will automatically scan your old Samsung phone and show the transferable files in the middle of the window. Check "Contacts" and any other data you want to transfer, and click "Start Transfer". After the success of the transfer, click “OK".

Note:During the whole transfer process, please pay attention to the connection between the mobile phone and the computer is normal.

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