How to Transfer Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup to Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus)

Samsung introduced its latest flagship smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+, and users have started upgrading to it from other devices, Android and iPhone likewise. The most important step when you change smartphones is to transfer data from the old device to the newer one. The process is ineradicably simple when you want to transfer data between the same platform i.e. Android to Android or iOS to iOS or others. But it can get tricky during cross-platform transfer i.e. Android to iOS or vice versa. In this guide, we will guide you to transfer iTunes/iCloud backup to Samsung S9 with 2 simple methods.

Since Samsung and iPhone use two different OS platforms, it is difficult to transfer phone data between the two. But people who have upgraded to Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus from iPhone want a way transfer iTunes/iCloud backup to the new Galaxy phone in hope of preserving their old phone data. If you are among them, then it is recommended that you use Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a wonderful utility that lets you transfer data between two devices, regardless of their OS. You can easily to extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup, and transfer to Samsung S9 (Plus) by using this Mobile Transfer. It also allows you to transfer your old phone data like photos, videos, contacts, calendars and much more directly to the new device. Moreover, it can also be used to transfer a backup of OneDrive, BlackBerry, Samsung Kies, etc., to any other supported devices.


Steps to Transfer Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup to Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus)

First of all, you need to download, install and run this Mobile Transfer on your computer, then you will see a window as below.

Part 1. Transfer Data iCloud Backup to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Step 1. Sign in your iCloud account

When you need to transfer the iCloud backup, please click “Restore from Backups” > “iCloud”. Then, use a USB line to connect your Samsung S9/S9+ to the computer.

Next, you need to sign in with your iCloud account.

Step 2. Download iCloud backup

Enter your iCloud account, then all the iCloud backups are displayed in the window. Before you officially transfer data, you need to wait for the iCloud backup to be downloaded.

Step 3. Transfer iCloud backup to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

After iCloud backup has been downloaded, the program will auto extract all the transferable data from the selected backup and show to you, you can check those what you wanted and click “Start Transfer” to start transferring data to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

Tips: Do not disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from the computer, or the transfer process will be interrupted.

Part 2. Transfer Data from iTunes Backup to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Step 1. Choose “iTunes” to restore the backup

When you need to transfer the iTunes backup, as the same, please click “Restore from Backups” > “iTunes”. Then, connect your Samsung S9/S9+ to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 2. Transfer iTunes backup to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Then, select an iTunes backup from the list and select the file you want to transfer in the middle of the option. Then, click “Start Transfer”.

Note:During the process, interrupting the connection between the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and the computer is not allowed.