How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

As the iPhone grows, many Mobile Phone users can choose the iPhone, But many iPhone users do not know how to quickly transfer data from Old iPhone to New iPhone. Typically, the old iPhone retained a large number of contacts, As we know, editing SMS one by one on your iPhone is an incredibly tough job ,So is there any way to transfer the data?

Mobile Transfer is a wonderful mobile transfer tool, which provides a simple effective method to transfer all your Text Messages from Old iPhone to New iPhone,or transfer Photos, Contacts, Call History and songs between iPhone, Android and Nokia smart phones!

Please Download this Mobile transfer tool on the computer. This article will tell you how to transfer your Text Messages from Old iPhone to New iPhone, you also can transfer your Text Messages,Photos, Videos, Apps and so on in a similar way with Mobile Transfer.


How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to iPhone 6

Step 1.Run Mobile Transfer on your Computer and select a mode

After installing and running Phone to Phone Transfer program on your computer,you will get the primary interface as below. You need to select a mode, here, let’s choose “Phone to Phone Transfer“.

Note: You need to confirm that iTunes is installed on your computer already. Otherwise, this program will remind you to install it before the transferring.

Step 2. Connect Your Old iPhone and New iPhone to the computer

your iPhone will be detected by the Phone Transfer program,after Connect two iPhones to the same computer with USB cables,then you will see them show up in the window,In addition, you’d better make sure that they are in the right places,By clicking “Flip”, you can change the direction of the two iPhones.

Step 3. Begin to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

If you want to transfer all the Contacts, you need to select “Text Messages“, of course, you can also choose to other data, to the as photos, videos, Contacts, ect.Then click the button “Start Copy“, Phone Transfer will Start to Copy all the SMS from one iPhone to another.

According to the above steps you can easily transfer the iPhone data, Phone transfer can not only transfer the Text Messages, but also transfer Photos,Contacts,Videos,Call history,ect.