How to Transfer Photos and Videos from Old iPhone to iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is thought to be a considerably high-specification smartphone, boasting an OLED display, wireless charging, and a curved glass back. Major changes are also rumored, such as advanced biometric security and the removal of the physical home button, alterations that could bring the iPhone back to the cutting edge of smartphone design. There is no doubt that iPhone 8 is a new topic of Apple and many people are curious about it.

“I believe when one gets a new phone, the first thing he will do is transferring data from the old one to the new one. There is the case. My friend wants to transfer photos and videos form his old iPhone to iPhone 8. My friend likes photographing, so he thinks highly of the photos and videos.”

If your friends wants to get the perfect effect that not a single photo or videos left, he need the helps of Phone Transfer to work for him. Phone Transfer is the best software in the data transfer industry. Phone Transfer enables users to transfer any file types with one-click operation. It supports transferring data between different phones, including iOS, Android, Symbian, and WinPhone. What’s more. Moreover, the whole transfer is safe and reliable because it won’t cause the leak of personal information. So this software is worth trying.


Steps to Directly Transfer Photos & Videos from Old iPhone to iPhone 8

Step 1. Connect Your iPhones to PC

Make a connection between your iPhone and iPhone 8 to the computer, and then launch Phone Transfer on the computer. On the homepage of Phone Transfer, choose the tooklit “Phone to Phone Transfer” to work for you.

When the connection of your devices is done, Phone Transfer recognizes your iPhone and iPhone 8 and show the images of them on the page. You can see the images of your iPhone in the Source position and iPhone 8 in the Destination position. If the position isn’t correct, you can use “Flip” to correct it.

Step 2. Select File to Transfer

Check Photos and Videos on the Content List and hit “Start Transfer” button to begin the data transfer. After the transfer is complete, the data of photos and videos on iPhone is copied to iPhone 8 entirely without hurting the existing data on your devices.

During the process, please keep the devices connected, otherwise the transfer can’t work well. If you need to clear up the data on destiantion device before transferring, you can use the function “Clear Data before Copy”.