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How to Transfer Data from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud to Huawei Mate X

Summary: This article will tells the most simple and effective way to transfer all data including contacts, contact blacklist, text messages, photos, videos, calendar, music, bookmarks, Apps and more from iPhone, as well as iTunes and iCloud backup to Samsung Galaxy Fold with a click.

I’m going to buy a Huawei Mate X to replace my old iPhone. There is no doubt that Huawei Mate X is the best product at MWC2019 exhibition. Huawei Mate X adopts a new folding design. In the folding state, the front side is a 6.6-inch screen with a resolution of 2480*1148 and the back side is a 6.38-inch long and narrow sub-screen with a resolution of 2480*892. The overall thickness is controlled at 11 mm, with a rotating shaft at the edge for gripping. When deployed, Mate X becomes an 8-inch flat panel with a resolution of 2480 x 2200 and no gap in the middle of the screen. It can perform multiple tasks side by side and is only 5.4 mm thick. Its processor is HUAWEI Kirin 980 and Balong 5000. And it runs Android 9. In addition, its storage combination is 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM. There was also no disappointment in photography. It used Leica camera with 40 MP (Wide Angle Lens) + 16 MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens) + 8 MP (Telephoto).

However, I encountered a difficult problem. I want to transfer the data from the iPhone to Huawei Mate X, but I don’t know how to implement it.

Mobile Transfer has many advantages. First, you can easily transfer data from your old Phone to the new one, between Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, WinPhone and every other device. Data can be transferred from Samsung to the iPhone, from the iPhone to Huawei, from Huawei to Samsung or other. And you can transfer contacts, text messages, call history, photos, music, videos, applications, app data, bookmarks and other information with just one click. More importantly, it is simple to use. (If you don’t know how to use the software, even more functions are useless.) So the simple steps of Mobile Transfer are one of its great advantages. In addition, your mobile phone data is still secure, they will not be damaged.


Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer in advance, then launch it and click on “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Huawei Mate X to the computer by two USB lines. When two phones are successfully connected to a computer, they will be displayed on the left and right sides. If the two phones are in opposite positions, you can click “Flip”.

Step 3. Finally, you can view and select data you need to transfer. After checking them, click the “Start Transfer” button. You can check the “Clear Data before Copy” box if you want to erase data on the Huawei Mate X before transferring the new data. And you should keep the connection between phones and computer normal.

In addition to directly sync data from phone to phone, Mobile Transfer also allows you to backup and restore your phone data, therefore, for iPhone users, you can easily restore data from iTunes or iCloud backup to Huawei Mate X by using this tool.

Part 2 Restore Data from iCloud Backup to Huawei Mate X

Step 1. Click on “Restore from Backups” and choose “iCloud” after running Mobile Transfer.

Step 2. Enter the account ID and password to sign in your iCloud account.

Step 3. Choose a backup file from the list and download it to your computer.

Step 4. Connect your Huawei Mate X to the computer, once your phone is detected, select the files that you wanted, click on “Start Transfer” to begin the process.

Part 3 Restore Data from iTunes Backup to Huawei Mate X

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer, select “Restore from Backups” and click on “iTunes” in the primary interface. Then connect your Huawei Mate X to the computer.

Step 2. The program will lists all the iTunes backup file on the left panel, just select one of them according to your need.

Step 3. Wait until your Huawei Mate X is recognized, select the files that you want to transfer, click on “Start Transfer” to sync them to your Huawei Mate X.