How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung S7/S7 Edge

There is no doubt that the Samsung S7/S7 edge Galaxy is the most popular smart phone MWC. After years of efforts, Samsung become to the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is the most powerful manufacturers to compete with Apple.

Similar to previous years, Samsung S7 series has been upgraded in many ways. In terms of design, it continues the S6’s design language and style, and improve some deficiencies, such as support to memory card, IP68 waterproof etc.; in the configuration, it is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 820 or Exynos8890 processor, 4GB of ram and dual pixel camera sensor. Therefore, its performance is more powerful. In the aspect of software, such as the constant bright screen, is also the application of the micro innovation. The Verge believes that the Samsung S7 series exquisite, beautiful, very attractive, but also more attention to detail and the overall shape, it can be said that Samsung has been the best mobile phone for ever.

Presumably a lot of people who want to change their mobile phones are willing to buy S7 or S7Edge. When it comes to the issue of mobile phones, we need to transfer the old phone files to the new mobile phone is also a normal thing. Everyone wants to make things easy, then, how can we simply shift the mobile phone files? MobileTrans is worth your choice.

MobileTrans is a versatile data processing software. MobileTrans makes it extremely easy for you to copy everything, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs. It can transfer data between iOS, Android, WinPhone and Nokia Symbian. It supports more than 3000 mobile phones and different networks. So, you can transfer calendar from your old iPhone to new S7 or S7 Edge with ease by using this tool.

Now I take the transfer of the calendar as an example, to introduce how to transfer data from iPhone to S7 or S7 Edge.


Transfer Calendar from iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Launch the Program and Choose a Transfer Mode

Download and install MobileTrans from our official website or just simple click the above button. Then, run it on your PC after the installation. At this time the program will have four options, click “Phone to phone Transfer” and press “Start” to move on.

Step 2. Connect Your Mobile Phones to Computer

Without a doubt, connect your phones to your computer with the USB data line. After the connection is successful, making sure that your old phone as the source phone is shown on the left, and the S7/S7 Edge is on the right, as that you can successfully transfer your data.

Note: Your can click on “Flip” to exchange your phones’ position.

Step 3. Select Calendar to Transfer

You need to simple tick the data you want to transfer. So you should select calendar and press “Start Transfer” to move them. After the transferring progress complete, click “OK” to finish it. In addition,be sure not to disconnect either of the phones.

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