How to Transfer Data Photos Contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, tipped by some to arrive as the “iPhone Edition” or “iPhone X” will be Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone and looks set to be the first to debut wireless charging tech, a curved AMOLED display and an unusual vertical dual rear-facing camera. If rumours are to be believed, the so-called ‘Edition’ will launch alongside the less-impressive iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. We’ve rounded up everything we know about the iPhone 8 so far and will update this article as soon as we hear more.

Release date:The iPhone 8 is likely to be announced in September 2017, marking 10 years since the firm launched its first smartphone. Price: If it’s anything like Apple’s new MacBooks, next year’s iPhone will be more expensive than this year’s release, and some are claiming that the highest-spec model will be the first iPhone to cost more than $1,000.

“Next week is my girlfriend’s birthday. I’m going to buy a iPhone 8 as a birthday present. She now uses the phone is LG. My only doubt is that the data from LG phone can be transferred to the iPhone 8 directly?” – Asked by Mohammed

“Hello, I’m Hani. I now use the phone is HTC. I heard that iPhone 8 is about to be released, and I want to buy one. I want to compare the difference between Android and iOS systems. In addition, I need to transfer my phone’s contacts to a new phone, how can I do it?” – Asked by Hani.

In fact, the above problems can be solved by using Mobile Transfer, you only need to download the software by click the below buttons, according to the tutorial to operate on it.

Mobile Transfer is a convenient and efficient phone data transfer software. It is a software that can handle data in many directions, such as backup data, recover data, transfer data, delete data, and so on. It can transfer data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, calendar and so on between your phones even running different systems, not to mention the same system.

Let us experience how to use it. Before of this, please download the trial version of Mobile Transfer below.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Your Old HTC/LG Phone to iPhone 8

Step 1. After downloading Mobile Transfer, double-click the .exe file and follow the default set-up wizard to install it on your computer. After that, run the program, select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” to enter the transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect your HTC/LG and iPhone 8 to the computer via USB cables, the program will automatically detect your devices. After the success of the connection, the old phone will be displayed on the left, the new phone is displayed on the right side. If the connected devices appear on the wrong side of the transfer process, click on the “Flip” button and the files will be transferred in the reversed order.

Step 3. In the last step, the program will read the data on the old phone and give you the list of the data that’s compatible for the new phone, just select those file types that you needed, and then click “Start Transfer”. Wait for a while, it will be transferred successfully between your two phones.