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How to Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

There was once a time when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another meant manually typing in an endless amount of names, phone numbers and other information. Thankfully, nowadays smartphones can now do most of the work for us. And for the most part it can be accomplished in a very small amount of time.

There is a story about my cousin Caleb, which used to be an active and outgoing boy. One day, he was sitting on a chair on a school, a girl near him attracted him. He hadn't seen such a beautiful and lovely girl, he felt like he's falling in love. So, he plucked up the courage to ask for her number. The girl was a little shy but still gave to him. Regretfully, Caleb forgot to transfer Data Contacts from his old phone to the new when he got Samsung Galaxy S8 and sold his old HTC to the second-hand market. He lost touch with that girl but he can do nothing. From then on, he became depressed, as if his life was broken. Obviously, we can got a lesson from Caleb that it is very important for us to Transfer Data Contacts from our phone to the new when we switch to a new smartphone.

However, which is the best way to transfer contacts from an HTC to an Samsung Galaxy S8? Today we’ll walk you through the easiest method, so you can get started and enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in no time.

Mobile Transfer is exactly what he need. Mobile Transfer is a great software, which makes it extremely easy for you to take everything, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs, with you in 1 click. It's safe and risk-free, and all content it transfers is 100% the same as the original one. In addition, you only need three steps to transfer data; it does not require you to have special skills. Last but not least, the software is safe and secure; it will not damage and lose your phone data. What's more, it also support you to backup, delete, transfer and restore backup data to the phone.


Directly Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer for free from the Wondershare home page, and install it. After you launch the program, you need to select the transfer mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Prepare two USB lines, connect your S8/S8+ and your old HTC phone to your computer with two USB lines. After both phones are plugged in, When the phones are displayed on both sides of the window respectively, makes sure that the HTC is on the left, and if not, clicks the "Flip".

Step 3. In this part, the app will read the data on the old phone and give you the list of the data that’s compatible for the new phone, just select "Contacts", and then click "Start Transfer". Wait for a while, it will be transferred successfully between phones.

In order to ensure the security of data and the efficiency of transfer, please remember that during the transfer process, please do not disconnect the connection between your phones and computer.

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