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How to Transfer Text Message from Samsung to Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

Due to Samsung Note 7 explosion are recalled , as well as Samsung S7’s exposure, resulting in Samsung’s current flagship mobile phone prices fell sharply. Samsung in order to restore the situation, introduced the design of the Samsung S8/Edge. Note 7 before the explosion, rumors of “cylindrical” curved screen is Note 7 causes of spontaneous combustion, but this is just speculation, as a technology leader, curved screen S8 is expected to continue to improve, a stronger visual impact. What’s more Samsung S8 will support the 4K screen and VR glasses, accelerate the popularity of VR devices, leading apple in this field, reshape consumer trust. My phone now is Samsung Note 5, I would like to put the phone into a Samsung S8, but I have a lot of important message in the phone which I do not want to lose,so I am in a tangle ah.

Actually you don’t need to think of that problem,because there is a software called Mobile Transfer can solve all your worries. Mobile Transfer is an impeccable data transfer software that allows you transfer data like text messages,photos,videos and many other data from phone to phone which are even running different operating system, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, etc.. Since the Mobile Transfer was introduced, it has been widely used by smart phone users, especially Samsung and iPhone users. And I can sure that Mobile Transfer is your worth choice. Next, I will introduce how to transfer Text Messages from old Samsung phone to Galaxy S8/S8 Edge.


Steps to Transfer Text SMS Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

Step 1. Choose the transferring mode

Download Mobile Transfer to your computer, then install and run it. At this time, click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” to enter the transferring mode.

Step 2. Connect your two phones to your computer

Next, connecting your two phones to your computer with two USB lines. Be sure that the old Galaxy phone is displayed on the left, while the new Samsung S8 or S8 Edge is connect to the right.

Step 3. Transfer SMS from Samsung to S8/S8 Edge

When connection is successful, the program will scan files which you can transfer. You just to choose “Text Messages”and click on “Start Transfer”.

Note: Please be sure that the phones are connected to the computer during the transfer program.