How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to iPhone

Windows Phone has a series of avant-garde of operating experience like desktop customization, icon dragging and dropping, slide control and so on. Its main screen to display new e-mail, text messages, missed calls, calendar appointments and more by providing a dashboard-like experience, let people time to keep updated on important information. It also includes an enhanced touch-screen interface, more convenient finger operation, as well as a latest version of IE Mobile browser. In a third-party investigation which sponsored by Microsoft, compared to other browsers and phones involved in the research, this browser’s ratio that can perform a given task over 48%.

Even Windows phone so easy to use and powerful, however, along with the rise of other smart phones, particularly Apple’s iPhone, like the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and so on, making most of the Windows phone users lost. If you had been using Windows phone in the past, and now get a fully new iPhone device to replace the old Windows phone. Before disposing your old Windows phone, first of all, you must be wanting an efficient way to transfer your data from Windows Phone to iPhone. Nevertheless, be faced with running different OS of these two phones, how can we sync data between them?

Please don’t worry, MobileTrans Tool or MobileTrans for Mac is a recommendable solution for almost all Windows Phone and iPhone user to transfer data from phone to phone with just a few click. With the help of this transfer program, you can secure and easily to transfer data including contacts, photos, videos, music and more from Windows Phone to iPhone, and vice versa. Still have no idea to sync your Windows Phone’s data now? Why not try using this powerful transfer tool, just free download a trial version below and install on your computer.


Good news, the program newly supported iPhone 6s (Plus) and WinPhone 8 & 8.1 backup to iOS/Android. Fully compatible with Windows 10, iTunes 12.3, iOS 9, and Android 6.0.

Step by Step to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 1. Run the program and connect your device

Install and launch the MobileTrans Tool or MobileTrans for Mac on your computer after downloading. Once your can see the primary interface of the program, click Start on the Phone to Phone Transfer panel.

After that, take out your phones’ USB cables to respectively connect both of your Windows Phone and iPhone to the same computer.

Note: After you connect both devices, you can switch the source and destinations phones by clicking on the “Flip” button on the program. Please be sure to verify the site of your mobile phone before transferring.

Step 2 .Transfer the selected data item from Windows Phone to iPhone

When your phones are recognized by the program, you can see all the transferable data item are listed in the middle of this window. Select the files you would like to transfer by checking the box beside the file type. The program allows you transfer Photos, Videos, and Music files directly, for contacts transfer, you need to back the contacts up to Onedrive first, and use Mobiletrans to restore the backed up contacts to iPhone.

After that, click on the blue “Start Transfer” button to transfer your data from Windows Phone to iPhone. Pleaes keep both of your phone connected during the whole transfer process.