How to Transfer All Data from Android to ViVo X9 Series

Vivo is a mobile phone brand focused on the smartphone field, and vivo’ products pursue excellent appearance, professional sound quality, ultimate image, pleasant experience. Recently, when people talk about vivo, they must think of its vivo X series.

The vivo X series has a wide range of models, including X9, X9 Plus, X9L, X9s, X9s Plus, X9i. Most of the configuration in vivo X9, X9 Plus, X9L, X9i is the same. For example, their front is dual cameras, namely, 2000W professional custom camera and 800W professional virtual camera. For the rear camera, they are using high quality 1/2.8 1600W sensor, support PDAF fast focus, uses new optimization algorithms, so that you can more easily get memorable picture memories.

Both front and rear X9s and X9s Plus are dual cameras. Front camera equipped with IMX376 sensors. With 0.95-16 equivalent aperture, you can synthesize greater photosensitive area under weak light. Photosensitive area is up to 1/2.8 inches which can effectively enhance the brightness of the picture.

The vivoX9 series is really attractive. Many Android users also have the desire to buy. If you are interested in the vivo X9 series, when you buy a vivo X9/X9 Plus/X9L/X9s/X9s Plus/X9i, you may need to put your old Android phone data to new mobile phone. So, how do we achieve this requirement?

In this case, you need the help of Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer supports to transfer everything between Android phones. It supports Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, vivo, OPPO and other Android devices. More concretely, whether vivo X9 or vivo X9 Plus, X9i, X9 L, X9s, X9s Plus, they can use Mobile Transfer. What’s more, Mobile Transfer helps to copy text messages, contacts, video, photos, and calendar and so on without any complicate steps. In addition, it does not disclose or damage data in the phone, and data is transferred in a secure environment.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to ViVO X9/X9 Plus/X9L/X9s/X9s Plus/X9i

Step 1.Download and run Mobile Transfer on computer

Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer. Run it and select “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the primary window of the program.

Step 2. Connect your Android and vivo X9 series to computer

Then, you need connect your Android and vivo X9 series to computer via USB line. When two phones are successfully connected, you should make sure that they are put on the right places. If not, click the “Flip” button to change their place.

Note: Be sure that the old Android phone is displayed on the left, while the ViVo phone to the computer is on the right.Or,you can also click “Flip”to change their place.

Step 3. Select and Transfer data from Android to ViVo X9 series

Finally, check the data you want to transfer, such as your contacts, photos. Click “Start Transfer” button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected. When this progress is over, click “OK”.

Here, you need to pay attention to, please ensure that the connection between the phones and the computer is normal throughout the transfer process.