How to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy A60

Summary: This article will tells the best way to transfer all data including contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, call logs, calendar, Apps, app data and more from any Android smartphones/tablet to Samsung Galaxy A60.

If I need to transfer data from Android phones to Samsung Galaxy A60, what methods can we use? Among them, Samsung Galaxy A60 uses a 6.3-inch full-view screen with a screen ratio of 91.8%. With the screen vibration sound technology, the fuselage opening is reduced, making the phone more compact. The sleek and smooth back also gives the consumer a better grip. In terms of photos that users care more about, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is equipped with a rear three camera. The 32-megapixel main camera helps us to take great photos at any time. With a 5-megapixel blur camera, you can achieve a very natural depth of field effect. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A60 also has an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8 megapixel. In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is equipped with a Snapdragon 675 chip, supplemented with 6GB+64GB of storage and One UI system. Samsung Galaxy A60 can be said to be a cost-effective mobile phone.

To be honest, there are many ways to transfer data, but not every one is so reliable. Here I strongly recommend a software named Mobile Transfer, which can easily solve your data transfer needs..

Mobile Transfer makes it easy and efficient to transfer mobile data. The simplicity is that it only takes three steps to transfer data. Its efficiency is reflected in the fact that the whole process only takes a few minutes or less. Of course, its compatibility is very high. It is suitable for all kinds of mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, vivo, Google, Nokia, OPPO, OnePlus, HTC, LG and so on. Mobile Transfer can be used on at least 6,000 devices. What’s more, contacts, SMS, photos, videos, audio, calendar, call history, music, Apps, app data and so on can be transferred by using this tool. More importantly, the software is secure.


Steps to Directly Sync All Data from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy A60

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer in advance. After running it, you can see four options, you need to click “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Prepare two data cables to connect your two phones to your computer. When the phones are displayed in the main interface of the program, please confirm the properties of the two phones. The old Android phone belongs to the source phone and should be displayed on the left side, while the Samsung Galaxy A60 belongs to the destination phone and is displayed on the right side. If the two phones are in the opposite position, click on “Flip”.

Step 3. Finally, you can see a list of data that can be transferred displayed in the middle panel. Please select the data you need to transfer and click “Start Transfer”. Of course, the connection between the two phones and the computer cannot be interrupted during the transfer.

Tips: You can also use the “Clear Data before Copy” option to erase all data on your Samsung Galaxy A60 before transfer.