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How to Transfer Data from Android to Nokia 3.2/Nokia 4.2

Summary: This article will tells a simple way to transfer all data including photos, contacts, contact blacklist, bookmarks, music, videos, text messages, call history, calendar, apps, apps data and more from any Android phone to Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2.

On February 25, Nokia officially held a conference in MWC 2019 and released three new Android models, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 1 Plus. Among them, Nokia 4.2 is the most advanced of the three models. The fuselage is made of glass and the screen is a 5.71-inch water drop screen. In particular, Nokia 4.2 adds a separate button for Google Voice Assistant, and its power button also adds a backlight function, which can be used as a notification light. Nokia 4.2 's rear dual camera is 13MP + 2MP, and the processor is the Snapdragon 439 processor, which is pre-installed with Android 9.0 system. Next, Nokia 3.2, which uses a polycarbonate fuselage and a power key with backlight function, has a 6.26-inch screen on the front, a 13MP single camera on the back and a 5MP camera on the front. Nokia 3.2 carries a Snapdragon 429 processor with a battery of 4,000 mAh. There are two versions of storage configuration, 2GB+16GB and 3GB+32GB, respectively.

If you want to change a new cell phone at this time, you can choose Nokia 4.2 or Nokia 3.2. Their price is low, and the configuration can meet our basic requirements, which is indeed a good choice. If you need to transfer data from an old Android phone to a new one, you can use a software called Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer can provide users with the fastest, simplest and safest data transfer services. You don't have to worry about mobile data being damaged or leaked in the transfer process, they are 100% secure. Secondly, the software can transfer photos, contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, Apps, app data and other data. At the same time, it can be compatible with various devices, such as the iPhone, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, LG, Nokia, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and so on. Of course, there is also a point that can not be ignored is that the operation process of the software is simple, with only three steps you can easily transfer data.


Steps to Sync All Data from Android Phone to Nokia 3.2/Nokia 4.2

Step 1. Launch the software to PC

First of all, download, install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. When you see the main interface, please choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start" to go on.

Step 2. Connect your cell phone to your computer

Connect Android phones and Nokia 3.2/Nokia 4.2 to computer via USB cable, respectively. When the program identifies them, the two phones will be displayed on the left and right sides of the main interface. Check if they are in the right place. Nokia 3.2/Nokia 4.2 should be on the right. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. Select the data you need to transfer

In this step, select the data you need to transfer and click on "Start Transfer". You should make sure both of your phones are connected during the whole progress.

Note: To make the transfer smoothly, be sure both of the can not be interrupted during the transfer program.

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