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How to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to LG Q6/LG Q8

Recently, LG released two new machines, namely LG Q6 and LG Q8. Well, let me give you a brief introduction of their basic configuration.

First of all, LG Q6, in terms of shape, it uses 18:9 aspect ratio of Full Vision design, screen size is 5.5 inches and the resolution is 2160*1080. Then, the processor chip that it uses is Snapdragon 435. In addition, there are other configurations, such as 3000mAh batteries, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, FM radio, Rear 13MP single camera +5MP front camera with 100 degrees wide-angle and so on.

LG G8 is equipped with a 5.2 inch 2K resolution display, Snapdragon 820 processor, built-in 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM (support expansion). In addition, the rear uses parallel double cameras, which are 13 million and 8 million pixels, and the front is 5 million pixels.

For those users who want to buy LG Q6 or LG Q8, in addition to the importance of phone configuration, there are some necessary operations which they are also concerned about. For example, some Android users will transfer data from old Android phones to new phones, such as contacts and photos. Typically, these two data are closely aligned with our lives, so Android users will transfer them. However, some contacts and photos between Android phones are not compatible, and even if you transfer them to a new phone, we may not be able to successfully view the details. So many Android users worry about this before buying LG Q6 or LG Q8.

In fact, contacts and photos can be successfully stored on your new phone as long as you use the correct transfer method. Here, I recommend you to use the Mobile Transfer. This is a professional data transfer software, in general, almost all Android devices can use it, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, vivo, SONY. It can help you transfer data between two different phones, including text messages, contacts, photos, music, video, phone history, calendars, APP data, and so on. What's more, its steps are simple and convenient, without tedious steps so that you can easily transfer data to a new phone.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to LG Q6/LG Q8

Step 1. Preparation works for Mobile Transfer

Once the Mobile Transfer is downloaded and launched on your computer, you'll see an interface like below. There are four modes and you should choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" to go to the next step.

Step 2. Connect Android and LG Q6/LG Q8 to computer with two USB cables

In this step, please connect your Android and LG Q6/Q8 to computer by two USB cables. When the two phones are detected successfully by the program, you can see the status like the second screenshot as below. The old Android phone should be shown on the left. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. Select the needed data to transfer

In this step, you can see the program can help you move all files. To transfer contacts and photos, just select them and click on "Start Transfer".

Note: make sure both of your phones are connecting during the whole progress. When transfer progress is completed, please hit the button "OK".

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