How to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to OPPO Find X

On June 20, OPPO officially launched a new generation of top-class flagship machine–Find X. Officials say it represents OPPO’s continuing exploration of the beauty of technology and art, as well as its deep thinking about the future of mobile phones. With the launch of Find X, OPPO has also entered the European market, starting with France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The Find X boasts a natural design, completes with no extra elements, and is a real work of art. It has 3D glass on both sides of the front and back, and has two gradual color changes. If you want to know more about OPPO Find X, visit the official website.

If you are more interested in this cell phone after learning more about it and have an inclination to purchase one to replace your old Android phone. I guess that you may encounter a problem–how to transfer your significant data from the previous Android phone to the new OPPO Find X. Have you ever had this problem? I think it’s a common problem that everyone will face with when using our phones. Nevertheless, how can we solve this problem in the best way? Nowadays, our time is getting more and more precious, so we pursue efficiency and save time. As for transferring data, we always trend to use some practical and time-saving tools. Therefore, today I’m going to introduce a software which can facilitates transferring data. If you want to know an approach to solve this problem, please read on.

Actually, to a degree, the software named Mobile Transfer is the best access to transfer data. Why it can be described as the best tool? It’s because that it has several practical highlights, and because of these useful features, it excels lots of tools. Now please let me introduce it in detail. First of all, it can almost supprot loads of devices and data. Not matter your device is iPhone, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, Samsung, MI, HTC or more, the software can enable you to transfer data from these devices. In addition to various mobile phones, it can also swith many kinds of files over, such as photos, contacts, documents, music, videos, text messages, call logs, calendar and so on. Besides, its time-saving features will be beyond your expectation. What’s more, the software will not leak your data at all, it only reads the data that on your phone. Please be assured that your vital data will be protected safely.

Simply speaking, Mobile Transfer is a prowerful approach to tackling this problem and it has get a lot of admiratiion. If you don’t trust me, you can download it to have a try, you are temporarily free to download. Of course, the software is easy to use, anyone just need to follow its simple and clear guidances to operate. Now please let me give you a example, after read and operate it by yourself, I make sure that you will think highly of it.


Directly to Switch All Data from Android Phone to OPPO Find X

Step 1. Download the software and connect two devices to the computer

Please download, install and run the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” button and press “Start” in the primary interface.

For the sake of transferring data, the software need scan your phone first, so you ought to concatenate your Android and OPPO Find X to computer via their USB cables. Then the software will detect and glance through your phones by itself in an instant that your phones are connected to the computer. Next your phones will appear on both sides of the window. Here you should take notice of their positions. The source phone (old Android phone) must to be presented on the left, and the target device (OPPO Find X) must to be presented on the right. If they are out of place, you can simply press “Flip” to exchange their sites.

Step 2. Select file you need to transfer

When your phones are in right locations, you are able to check the data you trend to transfer. It’s so optional that you are free to choose whatever you want. In other word, if you need to switch your photos over, you can check the “Photos” in the cagalogue of the transfer content. After selecting, click the “Start Transfer” button to begin the process. Then your data will be moved from Android to OPPO Find X. In addition, please make sure that both phones and computers are connected during the whole process. Or else it will run very slowly and keep you waiting for a long time. In effect, if you follow the instructions, the process of transferring the data will be about three minutes.

Warm Tip: If necessary, you can check the “Clear Date Before Copy” box if you would like to erase data on your OPPO Find X.