How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Android to Moto Z 2018

In recent days, Moto released a new phone which name is Moto Z 2018. Moto is famous for its good signal. It is said that Moto Z 2018 will use smart antenna to optimize the mobile phone signal. It has a ROM of 128GB which can make mobile phone instantly have a mini mobile hard disk and can have more fun. Moto Z 2018 also has three cameras which maybe attractive the one who love taking photo. Therefore, you might buy one.

Because of the powerful functions, many android users may move to the moto camp. But, how to deal with the problem that transfer the data from old phone to new phone? In fact, to sync all your personal data from one Android phone to Moto Z 2018, I think the software named Mobile Transfer is a good choice. Because it could transfer data quickly.

Mobile Transfer is an comprehensive data transfer tool that supports many different kinds of phone such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony, OPPO, ViVo, Motolora and so on. It not only can transfer data including contacts, photos, videos, text messages and more from phone to phone, but also can transfer data from phone to computer. What’s more, it is safety,security and convenience. So it’s a great choice to use it. Here I will tell you how to use it.


Step to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to MoTo Z 2018

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

First of all, download, install and run this software on your computer. Run the Mobile Transfer and then click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” in the main window. Then get both of your Android and the Moto Z 2018 connected via theirs USB calbes.

Once both of your devices are connected successfully, the program will detect and recognize your phones. Then, you can see the images of your devices dispalyed on the page. To transfer data from Android to Moto Z 2018, the image of Android should appear in the Source and the image of Moto Z 2018 should appear in the Destination. If the position is incorrect, you can use the “Flip” button to exchange it.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

When your phones are detected by the program, choses the data and then click on “Start Transfer” to begin the process. The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one. Please wait patiently.

Finally, check if all the data that you need are in your Moto Z 2018.