How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 4S/5/5S to iPhone SE

I have been using the iPhone 4S, unfortunately, my iPhone 4S fell to the ground from the table, although it still can work but the screen broke, so my Mum bought me a new iPhone on the website. My Mum didn’t pay attention to the screen size of the phone. Just bought back, but to be honest, I really don’t like the big screen mobile phone, so I’ll have a little regret. I have a crush on mobile phone’s camera. But the phone is too big to convenient on the pocket. At the same time, I hate to return formalities. I’m a girl, afraid of trouble. Recently, I heard that Apple out of a small screen of mobile phone iPhone SE. Mobile phone RAM capacity is good, running speed is fast. My iPhone 6 Plus is undisputed better than iPhone SE, however, I just don’t like to using it. The 4-inch iPhone SE is the best choice for me. So I decided to give my iPhone 6 Plus to my brother and buy a new iPhone SE. Of course, I have to get funding from my brother.

However, another question appeared. I put the contacts on the phone, not in the SIM card and without any backup file. I don’t know how to transfer old phone contacts to a new phone. My telephone number is close to 1000. I don’t want to ask a friend, and then save one by one. Who can tell me an easy way to solve this problem? Possible, you also have the same question. In fact, you can easily solve without everywhere sought a prescription.

I know that a simple solution. This way is 3rd party transfer software, Mobile Transfer. Mobile transfer can help us for data transmission, whether it is between the mobile phones, also can between computer and phones. And, more importantly, data transfer between different systems of the phone can make it possible. With the help of this program, you can not only transfer contacts, but also text messages, call history, photos, videos, apps and so on from one iPhone to another. Now let me introduce how to run this software to solve the problem.

Tips: You need to prepare the computer, your mobile phones, and two USB cables.


Two Ways to Transfer Contacts to The New iPhone SE

Part 1 Direct Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone SE

Step 1. Running the Program

Download the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Open the software and log in. Then, it will pop up the following interface. Choose the option of “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Your Device to Your Computer

Connect both your old and new phones to the computer through the USB cable. After the software recognizes both devices, they will display on the windows. If the location of the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them. (If the old iPhone can’t connect to the PC and you use iCloud to backup data regularly, you can try the second methods, skip to Part 2.)

Step 3. Choose the Content to Copy

As you can see, all the transferable are listed in the middle panel of the progra, by default, they are all checked, if you just need contacts, please uncheck whost what you don’t need and then click on the blue button “Start Transfer”. After some minutes, the transferring is done, it will pop up new windows. Please click “OK” to close the dialog.


Part 2 Transfer Contacts from iCloud Backup to iPhone SE

Step 1. Running the Program and Choose a Transfer Mode

It is similar to the first method. But on the main interface, you need to press “Restore From Backups” and select “iCloud” to move on.

Step 2. Log In Your iCloud and Connect Your iPhone SE to PC

In this screen, you need to login your iClouud account so as to choose a iCloud backup and download it to your computer, at the same time, when the computer recognizes the iPhone SE, it will be shown on the right panel, jsut as the below pictures.

Step 3. Choose the Data to Transfer to iPhone SE

Once the selected iCloud backup have been complete downloaded, the program will automatically extract all the transferable data inside and shows to you. Choose the contacts and other data you needed to start the transference. When it done, click “OK”.

As you can see, this is a convenient data transferring software. Transfer between different mobile system for all kinds of data. Why don’t you download to have a try.