How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus

When the mobile phone users decide to join the iPhone camp, and they want to transfer/backup contacts from Samsung mobile to iPhone 6/6 Plus. Actually, as the iPhone is more and more popular in the world, and More and more people begin to switch to iPhone, Because the iPhone as a representative of the high-tech mobile devices technology, although iPhone’s price is a bit expensive to other brand mobile phones. But iPhone is not an ordinary mobile phones, it is more to represent mobile phones’ historical development, to use an iPhone is more to represent a collection of the development of science and technology culture as the same.

Many friends are very entanglement when they face the problem how to transfer contacts from Samsung mobile phone to iPhone? Understand slightly, computer deceive export import or find a format conversion software. But to the primitive man, they will Still use a SIM card duplicate contacts, now mobile phone contacts are chip number of records, but SIM card can only copy one number, all other information will be lost.

So, we also need to have a professional 3rd party mobile transfer software tool to avoid the important information lost during the transfer. Next, we will show you a powerful and useful transfer software-Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer can not only help you to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to iPhone 6/6 Plus, but also can transfer other data between Android and iOS device directly and safely, including text messages, videos, photos, call history, notes, apps, music and more.

You can download the free trail version and have a try follow the use guide.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Step 1, Install and launch Mobile Transfer

Install and run this phone transfer on your computer. Click Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Step 2 Connect two phones for detection via two USB cables

Mobile phone keep enough power, avoid the connection fails

Step 3. start to Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone

Place your Samsung phone model on the left “Source” side. Click “Flip” will reverse position. In the middle, select “Contacts” and uncheck other options, click “Start Copy” to copy contacts from Samsung to iPhone.