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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry has been the most powerful phone in the business mobile phone market, although it has been great recession now, however, in the mobile phone market competition is intense today, BlackBerry's new Android phones "Venice" reflects its persistence and transformation. But for those not familiar, the BlackBerry Priv (BlackBerry Venice) features a 5.4-inch display screen, that when closed hides the physical QWERTY keyboard. This will be BlackBerry's first attempt at an Android smartphone, instead of its own BlackBerry 10 OS.

Blackberry has influenced a generation, if you work in the business and you used to be a blackberry loyal users, so you surely want to buy an innovatory BlackBerry Priv, in order to replace your old Android phone, no matter you are now using Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei or Sony. Because one of the more important reason is that BlackBerry Priv may be the end of the blackberry mobile phone business once failed. Therefore, when you get a fully new BlackBerry Priv, switching data especially the contacts from your old Android phone to the new one is the first thing that you are wanting to do. However, transferring contacts from Android phone to BlackBerry may unfamiliar for vast majority of smartphone users. Please don't worry, just keep reading, this article is wrote to show you how to directly transfer data like contacts between your Android and BlackBerry phone with Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac is an outstanding data transfer software, which enables to copy contacts, SMS, photos, music and more between Android, Symbian, WinPhone and iOS devices, and backup and restore phone data effortlessly. So you can easily and directly sync your contacts from Android device to BlackBerry Priv. Besides, you can also transfer BlackBerry Backup File to the new BlackBerry Priv Android with the help of this comprehensive software.

Transfer Contacts to New BlackBerry Priv (BlackBerry Venice)

Before transfer, please make sure you have install Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac on your computer, if not, you can free download a corresponding version by clicking the buttons below.


After installation, launch the program on your computer, then you can see the primary window pops up as the below picture.

Part 1 Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to BlackBerry Priv

Step 1. Connect Bboth of Your Phones to Computer

In the primary window, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click "Start" to enter the transfer mode.

After that, connect both of your Android Phone to BlackBerry Priv to your computer by using each USB cable. The program will recognizes your phones soon.

Note: To move your data from one Android phone to BlackBerry Priv, you need to make sure that your Android phone is in the left, and BlackBerry Priv is in the right. If you find that they are on the wrong place, you can click "Flip" on the middle of the interface to exchange theirs place.

Step 2. Transfer Contacts and More to BlackBerry Priv

Once your phone are detected, you can see all the transferable data are displayed in the middle of window, to transfer contacts, just check "Contacts" and click on "Start Transfer" button. Please wait a moment and all your contacts will be synced to the new phone automatically.

Part 2 Transfer BlackBerry Backup to BlackBerry Priv

If you wanting to transfer contacts from your old BlackBerry Backup to BlackBerry Priv, you can also ask this tool for help.

Step 1. Select a Wanted BlackBerry Backup to Extract

In the Primary Window, select "Restore from Backups", and select "BlackBerry" from the options provided.

Then choose a appropriate backup file on the left of next screen, and connect your BlackBerry Priv to the program via USB cable.

Once your phone is detected, it will display on thr right.

Step 2. Transfer Contacts from Backup to BlackBerry Priv

After choosing a backup files, the program will automatically scan and extract all the transferable inside, and show you all the extracted result in the middle panel. Now, you are allowed to tick "Contacts" and move it to your BlackBerry Priv with a click.

Note: Once again remind that keep your phone connected in the whole transfer process.


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