2 Ways to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy A90

Summary: This article will tells 2 simple and reliable ways to transfer all data like contacts, photos, videos, messages, muisc and more from any Android phone to Samsung Galaxy A90.

Samsung Galaxy A90, which is expected to be released in September, will not only be equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor and 5G network technology, but will also be equipped with a 6.7-inch OLED display, but will weigh 210 grams. In addition, in order to achieve better performance, Samsung Galaxy A90 is equipped with 4500 mA high capacity batteries. As for other specifications, Samsung Galaxy A90 supports the optical off-screen fingerprint unlocking function. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy A90 will also support 45W super-fast charging technology. From the overall configuration, Samsung Galaxy A90 is likely to be positioned in the mid-end mobile phone market, but also likely to become the first 5G mobile phone with the lowest price. Many Android users are willing to buy Samsung Galaxy A90. So some users are curious about how they can transfer Android data to Samsung Galaxy A90.

There are many ways to transfer data, among which Mobile Transfer is the most widely used method. Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive data processing software, in which its transfer function has been praised and recommended by users. It can transfer many types of data, including contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call history, calendar, and other documents. At the same time, it is compatible with more than 6,000 mobile devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, LG, Honor, vivo, OPPO, Redmi, Xiaomi and other brands. On the other hand, the software is simple and convenient to use. It only takes three steps to transfer a large amount of data to another mobile phone. The whole process is safe and there is no risk.


Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy A90

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer. After that, launch it and click on “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. At this point, please prepare two USB cables to connect both your old Android phone and Samsung Galaxy A90 to your computer. When both phones are successfully connected, Samsung Galaxy A90 should be displayed on the right, while the old Android phone is on the left. If they are in the opposite position, click “Flip”.

Step 3. Finally, you can see all the transferable data types between the two mobile phones. Please check the items according to your needs. Then click “Start Transfer”. When the data is transferred to another cell phone, click “OK”.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A90

Mobile Transfer is well received by users, not only because it can transfer data from phone to phone, but also it allows you to backup and restore your phone data in a click. So, if you’ve backed up your old Android phone with this tool, then you can restore data from backup to your Samsung Galaxy A90 with ease.

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer, then click on “Restore from Backups” and choose “Mobiletrans” to go on.

Step 2. Choose a backup file from the list, and connect your Samsung Galaxy A90 to the computer.

Step 3. Check the file as you like, then click on “Start Transfer” to sync the selected files to your Samsung Galaxy A90.

Tips: No matter which way you choose, you can also use the “Clear Data before Copy” option to erase all data on your Samsung Galaxy A90 before transfer.

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