3 Ways to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to HUAWEI Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro

Summary: This article will describes 3 simple and effective ways of how to quickly and easily transfer all data from Android phone to HUAWEI Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro uses an improved version of the RYYB filter array distribution design, supports 8 pixel channels, the rear four cameras are 50 million pixel main camera + 40 million pixel super wide angle + 12 million pixel telephoto + 8 million depth of field + 3D ToF lens. In the face value part, Huawei Mate40Pro still integrates 3D TOF face recognition. Due to the more advanced COF packaging process, the black borders on the left and right sides seem to be well controlled. With the bend close to 90 degrees, the forehead and chin are also tried Narrow, the visual effect is quite shocking. The Mate 40 Pro will be equipped with a Kirin 1020 processor based on a 5-nanometer process technology. This SOC uses the latest A77 large core architecture, and its performance will be improved by nearly 30% compared to the previous generation.

The competition in the mobile phone market in China is too fierce. Major brands are actively deploying new models while accelerating the clearance of old models. Yu Chengdong has also significantly accelerated the upgrade speed of the Mate40 series. Strengthen performance. Are you excited about this series? You will always encounter problems when changing phones. If it is an old phone data problem, then you deserve Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a professional data transfer software. Because of its high security, it has attracted everyone’s attention and received unanimous praise from users. The entire transfer process takes only a few minutes or less, and the operation is very simple, that is, install the software, connect the phone, select and transfer data, so anyone can master how to use the software. In addition, it is compatible with many mobile phone brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, OPPO, vivo, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, ZTE, Motorola, Google, Xiaomi, etc. In other words, you can use it to transfer data between different mobile systems. Types of data transmission include contacts, call logs, text messages, calendars, pictures, audio, video, applications, etc.


Part 1 Directly Transfer Data from Android to Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro

Step 1: Select the transmission mode

First download, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Please click the “Phone To Phone Transfer” mode, and then click “Start”.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer

Now, please connect your Android phone and Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro to your computer with USB. After completing this step, the right side of the main interface is Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro, and the left side shows the Android phone. If the order is reversed, you need to click the “Flip” button to swap the positions of the two phones, otherwise the direction of transmission is reversed.

Step 3: Select the type of data to transfer

Finally, select the data you need to transfer, click “Start Transfer” after preview confirmation. The data will be transferred to your Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro, and the progress bar of the transfer will also appear.

Note: If you want to delete the existing data of Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro before transferring, you can select the “Clear data before copy” button. Please do not interrupt the connection between the phone and the computer during the transfer. Please be patient, the speed of transmission depends on the amount of data.

Part 2 Transfer Data from Backup to Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro

Step 1: Select the transmission mode

Run Mobile Transfer on your computer, then you can see that there are four modes in the main interface, please select “Restore from Backups”, and then click “MobileTrans” among all the projects.

Note: You can choose “MobileTrans” because you have used this Mobile Transfer software to backup data from your old Android phone. In addition, the program also supports other backup files, such as Kies backup, iCloud backup, iTunes backup, etc.

Step 2: Connect your device and computer

Now you need to connect your Huawei Mate 40 or Huawe Mate 40 Pro to your computer with its USB cable.

Step 3: Select the type of data to be transferred

Please select one of the backup files in the left panel. The program will extract all the transferable files from the selected backup file and display them. Please select the file type to be transferred. After the computer detects your device, you can click “Start Transfer” to sync to your Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro.

Part 3 Sync Data from Android to Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro by Using Phone Clone

Step 1: Download and install Phone Clone on Android and Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro at the same time, and then run it.

Step 2: Now select “New Phone” on the main interface of the Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro program to create a new Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Then select “Old Phone” on the Android phone to search for the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot broadcast by Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro. Press the Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro icon to enter the Wi-Fi hotspot network password, and then press “Connect” to establish a connection between the phones.

Step 4: Select the type of data to be transferred from the Android phone, and then press “Send”, Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro will automatically receive the data. Please be patient, the transfer is about to be completed.

Part 4 Export All Data from Huawei Mate 40/Mate 40 Pro to Computer

Step 1: Return to the main interface of Mobile Transfer and select the “Back Up Your Phone” solution.

Step 2: Connect your Huawei Mate 40 or Huawe Mate 40 Pro to computer with a USB cable, After detected, it will be displayed on the left panel, and the transferable files on your device will be listed on the middle panel.

Step 3: Select the files you need, and then click “Start transfer” to sync them to your computer.

Note: When the backup is over, you can click the pop-up window or go to settings to find the backup file, you can also change the path of the backup file there.