How to Transfer Data Contacts from Android to ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L

In addition to increase user viscosity, another characteristic in the process of development of smart phones is updated in accelerating speed. Perhaps you will have the feeling that once upon a time a typical phone can be used a few years, when using smartphones, almost a change in a year. This is not just the result of the improvement of living level and the change of consumption idea, more derived from the pursuit of more convenient, more efficient function.

Congratulations that you’ve just got a brand new Android phone like ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L! But unfortunately, there are a huge upgrade and a lot of stuff to be transferred from your old Android device. Even so, your old handset has been with you for years and it’s set up exactly how you like it – with all of your apps, contacts, and settings just so. For some people, setting up a new phone is fun, but if you just want to get started with your new Android phone and donate the old one or put it in a drawer as a backup, here are some steps to get everything from the old phone to the new ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L.

To transfer all data between your old Android device and your new ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L ain’t an easy thing to do. Therefore, we need a professional tool to achieve it. Mobile Transfer would be one of the best choices for you. Mobile Transfer is a tool that capable to transfer data from Android phone to any other Android device. With it, you can easily transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos within one click. Here’s how to move all of that precious data to your new phone.

Today, I will show you how to Transfer Data Contacts from an old Android to ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L through Mobile Transfer.


Steps to Transfer All Data from an Old Android Phone to ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L

Step 1. Download and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then, you can see the main interface of the program, please select and click “Phone To Phone Transfer”.

Step 2. Prepare two USB lines, connect your ViVo X9s Plus/X9s Plus L and your old Android phone to your computer with two USB lines. When the phones are displayed on both sides of the window respectively, makes sure that the old Android phone is on the left, and if not, clicks the “Flip”.

Step 3. In this step, you need to select “Contacts” and cancel the other to transfer and then click “Start Transfer”. Wait for a while, it will be transferred successfully between phones.

Note: During the whole process, the connection between the two phones and computers.