How to Transfer Data Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone 8

This year is the ten anniversary of the launch of iPhone, it is expected that Apple will have a major change. In order to give people the feeling of a new look, iPhone 8 will use a glass case, rear lens will be equipped with Power OIS, and the front lens will also add 3D scanning function.

I’ve been looking forward to iPhone 8. So when iPhone 7 was released, I refrained from buying it. I know iPhone 8 will have a special change. IPhone 8 can not only attract fans like me, but it also has the charm to attract Android users. Many Android users may want to buy a iPhone 8. But they may be worried about a problem, Android phone data cannot be transferred to the iPhone 8, after all, their operating system is completely different. So, is this problem hard to solve?

If you use Mobile Transfer, your problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. It can not only help you transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, text messages, videos, photos, calendars and other documents can also be transferred. Compatible all Android phones include Samsung, SONY, HUAWEI, HTC, LG, ZTE, etc.. Almost all phones on the market can use the software. In addition, Mobile Transfer has an intuitive interface, you can quickly find the features you need. You only need three steps to transfer data from your phone. The software also has the backup and delete functions to meet your other needs.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Android to iPhone 8

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer on Your Computer

Please download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then after running it, find and click “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main interface.

Step 2. Connect the Phones to the Computer

Prepare two USB lines and connect your phones to your computer. When the program recognizes your phones, you should through the “Flip” to make Android phone shows on the left, and the iPhone 8 shows on the right.

Step 3. Transfer Selected Data to iPhone 8

Finally, as soon as you can see all the transferable content, please check the file types like contacts that you want to transfer, and click “Start Transfer” to move it. When the transmission is completed, the program will pop up a window, you just need to click “OK”.

Note: Please ensure that the connection between the two phones and computer is uninterrupted during the whole transfering process.