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How to Transfer All Data from Android to Pixel/ Pixel XL

The third and fourth quarter of the year, is the prime time to release smartphone. Recently, in addition to iPhone 7, nothing is getting more attention than Google's Pixel and Pixel XL. Google Pixel is currently the most outstanding Android phone, and can even compete with iPhone.

In the hardware configuration, two mobile phone is the same, Pixel equipped Snapdargon 821 processor, clocked at 2.15GHz, equipped with 4GB and RAM 32 or 128GB ROM, support SD card expansion. Two phones equipped with a native Android 7.1 system.

Pixel's camera combination is 12 million of the main camera and 8 million of the front lens, both of the aperture is f/2.0. Equipped with USB-C interface and fingerprint identification module, Google specifically identified, their new mobile phone supports 3.5 mm headset interface.

In the battery, the Pixel is equipped with a battery of 2770 mAh, while the Pixel XL is up to 3450 mAh. Google said the two mobile phone supports fast charging technology, charging 15 minutes, the battery life up to 7 hours.

Integrated information above, I believe that the vast majority of users, especially Android users, it is difficult to refuse such a powerful phone, isn't it? Another topic of concern is how to transfer data from the old Andriod phone to Pixel or Pixel XL. Not matter you are using Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, Motolora, OPPO or any other Android phone, are sure to store a large amount of data including contacts, messages, photos, videos, call logs, music, calendar and apps in your phone's memory, to sync all of them from the old Android phone to Pixel or Pixel XL, on this article, you only need an all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer program, Mobile Transfer.

Now, please click to free download the trial version and try switching your phone data.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Pixel / Pixel XL

Step 1. Enter the Transfer Mode

Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer on your PC, then click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect Your Phone to PC

Then, connecting your phones to your computer is required. Please make sure that the old Android phone as the source phone need to be displayed on the left panel, while the Pixel is displayed on the right.

Given that sometimes the software does not recognize them very well, so you can click on "Flip" to exchange theirs position if they do not on the right place.

Step 3. Transfer the Seleted Data to Pixel/Pixel XL

Once your phone are recognized by the program, all the transferable files will be categorized and listed in the middle panel, just choose whatever you want according to your need, and click on "Start Transfer" to begin the transmission.

Note: Please do not disconnected either your Nexus or Pixel during the whole transfer process.

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