How to Restore Data from iCloud Backup to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

In recent years,with the development of the technology,the update speed of mobile phone is becoming faster and faster.At the same time,the speed of changing mobile phones is becoming more and more frequent,for example,some people may change several phones within a year so it is a hard task for them to deal with the data in their phone .In addition to the above mentioned,we may usually delete our data by accident.Therefore,in order to store the important data we want and transfer the data easily when changing phones,we always have a preference for an icloud backup .I’m one of those people who like to make an icloud backup to keep safe but now I have a problem that how can I transfer icloud backup to my new phone,Galaxy S7 Edge.Why do I say that? Hearing that Galaxy S7 Edge is having a great vogue on the market,I can’t help buying one for myself so that I am facing with a problem to transfer the icloud backup to Galaxy S7 Edge.What I want to do most at present is to find a solution to transfer.

Luckily, when knowing a software MobileTrans which was introduced by one of my freinds,I think it would be a good helper for me to restore icloud backup to my Galaxy S7 Edge.In my expectation,after using it,I found that it really easily transfer the icloud backup to my phone ,what’s more,it is extremely an useful software which is an virtually perfect software for data transferring.As far as I’m concerned, I think I must share this effective software with you and tell you how to use it.In terms of MobileTrans,it is very easy for you to use it. There are simple steps in all, as shown in the following steps.

How to Restore iCloud Backup to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Download, Install and Run MobileTrans.


Step 2. In the Primary Window, select “Restore from Backups”. Select “iCloud” from the resultant choices and then sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 3. Make a connection between your Galaxy S7 Edge and your computer using USB cables. Wait for MobileTrans to recognize your device, please according to the prompt to make corresponding operation of the program.

Step 4. Select the iCloud backup files you would like to transfer to your Galaxy S7 Edge. You must keep in mind that you will have to wait for the iCloud backup to download before proceeding.

Step 5. Choose the data you wanted, and begin the process by clicking on “Start Copy”. Be sure to keep your phone connected through the entire process.

Before copying, you can also have a choice to clear data on your destination device . You can do this by checking the “Clear data before copy” box located below the destination device.

Believe it or not, frankly speaking, following the steps above correctly,apart from transfering the icloud backup to your phone easily, you can also have a good command of data transferring by using MobileTrans which is really a good helper.In addition, it is an extremely safe and risk-free software. Just try it and you will find that what I said is true.