How to Recover Deleted Audio Files on Android Phone

“I am a bird lover. In my spare time I like going out and record some voices of birds. They are really beautiful and awesome, which I kept them on my Samsung Galaxy S5. But my grandson accidently deleted the one I liked most this morning. It was my fault forgetting to make any backups but could you tell me how to recover the recording? ” — Benjamin

Do you want to retrieve the audio files lost by deleted on your Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony/Zte memory card? How irritated that you hope to restore them urgently but have no idea about the right method. So the only thing you could do is to complain about how silly the deletion action is after you have tried so many ways to recover them. But good news is that you could retrieve your lost audio files saved on android memory card by Android Audio Recovery software.

Android Audio Recovery is an excellent and almighty recovery tool that you can download the compatible version of your Android and then launch it. It enables you to recover your Android media files, audio files, photos, videos, and other files.

Here, you can download the free trail version below and have a try:


Steps to Recover Lost Audio Files From Android Mobile Phone

Step 1. Enable USB debugging

First, connect Samsung galaxy S5 to the computer and run Android Audio Recovery.

Now, enable your phone USB debugging. Follow the steps below according to your Android OS.
1) For Android 4.0 to 4.1: Go to Settings

Step 2. Choose Scanning Files

Now you need to select the files to scan. Here, please check the item “Audio” only and click “Next”.

Check “Scan for deleted files” if what you want has been deleted and you wish to cut the wasted time.

Step 3. Recover Your Audios from Android

On your rooted Samsung S5, a dialog box will pop up asking you for authority. Click “Allow” until it stops asking. Then click “Start”.

As the scanning results are listed in catalogues, you can preview them one by one. Check the recordings you desire and click “Recover”.