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How to Recover Deleted and Lost Voice Memos from iPhone 8/8+

"Help, I accidentally deleted the Voice Memos on my iPhone 8, can I restore them if I don't get any backup files?" - Asked by Kevin Brown.

iPhone has been popular. I believe many people have encountered iPhone in case of accidentally deleted photo. Now the iPhone camera function is more powerful, people will use iPhones to take pictures in the gathering of friends, minutes of meetings, travel and other scenes. If there are too many datas stored on the phone, we should delete some useless datas like photos. If we accidentally deleted the Voice Memos, how should we to restore them?

Then I will restore the deleted and lost Voice Memos in iPhone 8/8 Plus as an example to introduce a practical method.

You can use iPhone Data Recovery. This is a specially designed for iOS data recovery software, you can use it to restore deleted photos, videos, music, text messages, call history. WhatsApp messages, Voice memos, Voicemail, Safari's bookmark, App's photos and other documents. As its name implies, it supports iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 5, iPod Touch 4 and other models. When you use it, you can get a simple and convenient way. In other words, it is simple and easy to understand. In addition, your iphone 8 data is safe; no one can view and steal your phone data.


Now free download the trial version here and follow the steps below to learn how to recover the lost and deleted Voice Memos from iPhone 8 (Plus).

Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Voice Memos on iPhone 8/8+

Step 1. Running the software and connect your iPhone 8/8+

Download, install and run this powerful iPhone Data Recovery on your PC in advance. Connect your iPhone 8/8+ to it through the USB cable. iPhone Data Recovery can automatically detect your iPhone 8/8+.

Step 2. Scan the data on your iPhone 8/8+

After the phone and computer connection is successful, click "Start Scan" and the scanning process will start.

Step 3. Preview data you need

When the scan is completed, you can see a lot of data types, such as messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, call records, Voice Memos, and so on. You can preview one by one, and you can double click the magnification for the photos.

Step 4. Recover the selected voice memos on iPhone 8/8+

After the preview, select what you need, and then click the "Recover" button. If you juse want recover the lost Voice Memos, select whatever you wanted. The selected file will be exported and saved to your computer.

Restore iPhone Voice Memos from iTunes Backup
Extract > Preview > Recover: Extract your iTunes backup and recover the deleted and lost Voice Memos.

Restore iPhone Voice Memos from iCloud Backup
Download > Preview > Recover: Download and extract your iCloud backup and recover the deleted and lost Voice Memos.

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