How to Recover Deleted Samsung A51/A50 Photos/Messages

Summary: You don’t know how to recover the deleted data of Samsung Galaxy A51/A50? The guides shows the steps of restoring deleted data such as photos, photos, videos, contact information, text messages and WhatsApp information in the simplest way on Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 Android phones.

Something about Samsung Galaxy A51/A50:

Both A-Series and M-series have achieved great success in terms of brand awareness and money benefits. Moreover, one of the core players of the success story is the amazing mid-level mobile phone Galaxy A50, which has an excellent price list and excellent specifications and functions. This phone is the best-selling smartphone in the world. The galaxy A51 5g, the successor of 5g, is now available The new phone offers a 6.5-inch super AMOLED display with a resolution of 108x 2400 pixels. There is a thump hole in the center of the upper end of the monitor. The processing power of the phone began with Samsung’s own exynos 980 chip. The phone has 6GB of ram and 128GB of full board memory. The qud camera settings are very popular among smartphone manufacturers this year, and Samsung has also modified one of its Galaxy A51 5g. The back of the sensor consists of 48mp + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP, and the front side for self shooting has a sensor within 32mp. 25W provides 4500mAh cells to support high-speed charging. Popular Samsung mobile phones include Samsung Galaxy a71 5g, Samsung Z flip and Samsung S20.

Samsung Galaxy A50, exynos 9610 chip, running a UI
Samsung Galaxy A50 consists of Samsung’s intermediate exynos 9610 chips. Exynos 9610, released in March this year, is manufactured by 10nm FinFET engineering. 3 GHz and 3 GHz of ARM core. The image was processed by the mali-g72 MP3 GPU. Chipsets are adequate for intermediate devices. The telephone is provided by 4GB ram + 64GB storage and 6GB ram + 64GB storage. And microSD card slot. In terms of software, Galaxy A50 will provide the latest Android 9 pie operating system designed by Samsung one UI.

Users Questions:

“Very important phone numbers, contact, messages have been deleted from Samsung Galaxy A51. It must be returned quickly. Does Samsung A51 have a way to restore text messsages? Please help me! “

“What’s going on here?” Why are all the important photos in Samsung A50? It’s important to me I send photos of my trip to my friends. “What do I do to recover my photos from my Samsung A50?”

“After purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy A51, transfer all the data from the previous Samsung j5 to the new Samsung Galaxy A51. But I don’t know what will happen. All the photos and text messages are gone. Are you sure you want to destroy the lost data of Samsung A51? thank you! “

“Is there any way to search Photos/messages deleted in Samsung Galaxy A50?” I need help. Thank you very much indeed.

Method 1: Recover Samsung A51/A50 Photos/Messages with Samsung Smart Switch

This is the first way to recover recently deleted photos/messages in Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 with the help of smart switch backup. For this reason, the recent backup of Galaxy A51/A50 photos via smart switch can be restored.

Steps to recover Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 from Smart Switch Backup:

  1. Connect Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 to computer and backup Samsung Galaxy A51/A50, open “Smart Swtich“.
  2. Click “Restore” button to begin the restoration process.
  3. When finished, your will get back your Messages and photos on your Samsung A51/A50.

Method 2: The Official way to restore Deleted Photos/Messages on Samsung Galaxy A51/A50

In this case, it’s better to try the complete Samsung Data Recovery tool, the world famous and mainly used Android data Recovery tool. It will help you recover deleted Photos/messages/contacts/videos/notes/call logs/music/whatsapp messages etc directly from the Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 phone.

The best thing about this photo/text messages recovery software for Samsung Galaxy phone is that it can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. In addition, you can search the internal memory and external SD memory card of the phone for deleted images.

Android Data Reocvery Features

Data loss Reasons Supported: Water damaged, mistakenly deletion, factory reset, ROM flashed, system crashed, broken screen, forgotten screen lock PIN/password/pattern, black/white screen, virus or malware infection etc

Model Supported: Samsung Galaxy A91/A90, Samsung A81/A80, Samsung A71/A70, Samsung A61/A60, Samsung A51/A50, Samsung A42/A41/A40, Samsung A31/A30, Samsung A21/A20, Samsung A11/A10, Samsung Galaxy note, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung galaxy J, Samsung Galxy A, Samsung Galaxy C series.

Data Supported: Contacts, Messagse, Messages attachments, call logs, whatsapp, gallery, picture library, videos, audios, documents.

Devides Supported: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, LG, ZTE, HTC etc

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Steps to Recover Deleted Photos/Messages from Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 with Samsung Data Recovery:

Step 1: Download, install and run the Program on your computer and then click “Android Data Recovery” to Go on.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung A51/A50 to your computer

Connect the Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 to your computer using the USB cable provided with.
If you connect the Samsung phone to your computer for the first time, you must install a driver so that you can immediately identify the device.

Step 3: Debug USB on Your Samsung Galaxy A51/A50

Step 4: Select the file type to be scanned by Samsung Galxy A51/A50

If the following window appears, you can select contacts, Messages, photo gallery, gallery, info or WhatsApp information and attachments. Then click “OK” to confirm. Please start scanning the data.

Step 5: Lost data scanning in Samsung Galaxy A51/A50

In order to save all scanning time and consume process scanning, the program provides confirmation bar for target scanning.

Step 6: Preview and search of deleted photos/messages from samsung a51/a50

If the image below appears on the screen, you can click on the image in the list to view the items to be repaired. Then click “recover” to retrieve the deleted information.

Method 3: Recover lost Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 Photos from Google Drive Backup

We provide drivers for users to back up photos and text messages. So if you back up on Google drive, you can easily restore your photos there. The solution will also recover photos Lost in Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 without a computer.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 with Google Drive:

Step 1: You can log in to our drive application or open our drive page (login with the same ID as you used when backing up).

Step 2: log in to Google drive and all uploaded photos of the backup will be displayed. You can now select the photos you want to restore and download them there.


Guide 2: Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phones

In today’s digital world, the loss of mobile contacts seems to be a trivial problem, but it will not disappear. With all the focus on data consumption, camera quality and social media features, it’s easy to forget that contact lists are one of the most valuable features of mobile phones. It’s painful to have all the contacts missing from your family, friends and work, so we’ve created a dedicated, comprehensive post that tells you how to recover them when needed.

How did this happen?

The most common reason for losing contacts is to upgrade the operating system of mobile devices. Whether your phone runs on iOS, Android or Nokia Symbian, manufacturers send intermittent software updates to refresh the phone with the latest features. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to the loss of your contacts, depending on where they are stored. Or, you may accidentally delete or delete contacts when synchronizing with new applications.

Recover Deleted/Lost Contacts from Android

Method 1: Recover androic contacts with Address Book application

Don’t worry! Your contacts may still be on your mobile phone.

If you are using an Android Samsung/Huawei/Sony/Vivo/Oppo/ZTE/THC/Xiaomi/LG/Meizu/Google/Nokia… device, the system sometimes hides your contacts and makes them look like they have been deleted.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to check if this is the case:

*Open the Address Book application.
*Press the menu in the upper right corner (three vertical points).
*Select Contacts to Display.
*If not, please click “All Contacts”.
*If “all contacts” are not selected, the problem should be solved.

Method 2: Recover android contacts from Google

If you are an Android user, you should first check the Google account that has been linked to the mobile device. When you first create an account on your mobile phone, you may automatically accept the transfer of your contacts. If you do, the good news is that you can restore all contacts directly to your mobile phone.
To do this, go to your inbox and select Contacts from the drop-down menu.
If you can see your contacts, click More, and then click Restore Contacts.

You can also take some measures to prevent this from happening again.
*Start your contacts, and then select the menu/more buttons.
*Then navigate to Settings > Address Book > Import/Export Contacts > Export to Device Storage
*Select the contact you want to transfer from the list, and click Finish.
*Then delete the current SIM card and insert another SIM card into the device.
*Then navigate to Settings > Address Book > Import/Export Contacts > Export to SIM Card.
*Select contacts and confirm that they are copied to your other SIM cards
Your contacts are now backed up to other SIM cards

Method 3: Recover android contacts with Gmail

If your Android device is synchronized with your Google account, the chances of restoring lost contacts will certainly be in your favor. Gmail provides a great feature that allows you to restore backups of all contacts, which can be traced back up to 30 days at most. After doing this, you can resynchronize the device with the Google account and restore all contacts.

Side note: If your contacts appear in Gmail but not on your mobile phone, please refer to the above steps and/or try to completely resynchronize your Google account.

To restore the backup of Gmail contacts, go to your inbox and select Contacts from the drop-down menu on the left.

Once you see the contact list (or not), click More to enter the drop-down menu, where you need to select the “Restore Contacts…” option.

Guide 3: Free to Solve SD Card issues on Andorid phones

Frequent problems in SD card

1 Android mobile SD card can not be detected
2 The SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it
3 Unexpected deletion of SD card
4 Blank SD Card

1 Android mobile SD card can not be detected

Method 1: Update memory or SD card driver

* Connect SD card to PC
* Right-click my computer and select “Manage”
* In the taskbar, click “Device Manager” and then click the “+” icon next to “USB Serial Bus Controller”. Yellow exclamation marks will appear.
* Right-click and select Update Driver Software, then press “Auto Search Update Driver Software”
* Wait patiently and allow the driver to install and restart it

Method 2: Repair “undetected SD card” using CHKDSK command

First, right-click My Computer > Select Management > Disk Management, and then look up the device in the Drive Viewer to see if the PC can recognize the memory card.
If no card is detected, press Win + R > type: cmd, and then press Enter.
If an SD card is detected, enter CHKDSK D:/ F and press Enter. Or you can type CHKDSK D:/f/offline scanandfix and press Enter. (Remember that D is a drive letter)

2 The SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it

Method 1: Scanning and repairing SD cards

The best way to solve the problem is to right-click the SD card and choose to fix the error from the properties menu.
First, connect the SD card to the computer, then go to my computer > SD card. Now right-click the SD card and open the properties. Click the Tools tab > Check button. Now allow the scanning process to complete and then close it. Finally, right-click the USB flash disk and click “pop-up” and take out the SD card.

Method 2: Solving problems using CMD commands

Using the CHKDSK command can help fix any type of SD card problem, and it can help you access files from Android devices.

Step 1: Connect SD card to computer using card reader
Step 2: Now go to the Start menu, type “cmd”>click “input”, and you will get “cmd.exe”
Step 3: Then click “cmd. exe” and you will see the following commands

Step 4: Enter chkdsk/X/f [sd card letter]: “or” CHKDSK [sd card letter]:/ f“

3 Unexpected deletion of SD card

Method 1: Check whether the SD card is damaged

Such errors occur when SD cards are damaged or damaged. Therefore, you should check by removing the card from your mobile phone and putting it on another system or device. When you are still unable to access the card, transfer data immediately and get a new SD card.

Method 2: SD Card Infected by Virus

Many times, SD cards can be infected with viruses, so you may encounter such errors. Therefore, in this case, you need to recover the data as soon as possible and run anti-virus software to scan the SD card.

Method 3: SD Card Unformatted

When SD cards are formatted for a long time, there may be an “accidental deletion of SD cards” error. So the best solution is to format the SD card once and check if the problem has been solved.

4 Blank SD Card

Method 1: Try to restart the phone

Whenever you see a “blank SD card” error on your mobile phone, you need to do something to solve the problem. But don’t think about formatting the card, just restart it. This will help you solve the problem and your card may start working again.

Method 2: Reinsert SD Card

Another thing you can do is take the SD card out of your phone and insert it again. This is a simple way to fix such problems immediately./p>

Method 3: View hidden files on SD cards

Most of the time, files are hidden form, you will receive a message “blank SD card”. In this case, you should follow the following steps to display the hidden file.
Step 1: First, connect the blank SD card to the computer using a card reader
Step 2: Now run the control folder to get the File Explorer option
Step 3: Then open the View tab
Step 4: Finally, select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives and make changes

Guide 4: Free to Recover android Photos/Videos from google photos

Restore photos and videos
If you delete an item and delete it, check your trash can to see if it is there.
On an Android phone or tablet, open the Google Album application for photos.
In the upper left corner, click on the menu in turn, and then click on the wastebasket.
Touch and hold the photo or video to be restored.
At the bottom, click “Restore”. Photos or videos will be returned:
Application of Graphic Library in Mobile Phone
In your Google Album Library
In any of its albums
If the project is not in your garbage can, it may be permanently deleted.
Can’t see photos or videos?
If the deleted photos or videos are not in the garbage can, they cannot be restored.
If the following situation occurs, you will not be able to restore the photos:
You moved it to the dustbin more than 60 days ago.
You move it to the garbage can and empty your garbage.
You have permanently removed it from the garbage can.
You have permanently deleted the device from its library application without backing it up first.
To find and restore photos easily, enable backup and synchronization.

Guide 5: Free to Recover Messages from Android with SMS Backup & Restore App

The app won 4.5 star ratings in Play Store. It is completely free to download and provides many functions.
Text messages are in XML format. It also saves your data in the cloud and local storage. To save data in the cloud, you must install additional applications in your application. It will automatically save your message.