[Official] Recover Samsung A51/A50 Photos/Messages

Summary: Did Samsung Galaxy A51 or Samsung Galaxy A51 delete photos by mistake? This tutorial uses Android data recovery to tell you how to recover lost or deleted photos, messages, contacts and videos in Samsung Galaxy A51/A50.

Although everyone’s mobile phone keeps precious photos, there is no guarantee that they will be lost due to error deletion, format, system upgrade, initialization or other reasons. So what if that happens? Don’t worry. This report takes Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 as an example to illustrate the method of quickly recovering deleted or lost photos/messages/videos/contacts.

Method 1: Recover Samsung A51/A50 Photos/Messages from Google Photos App

You can easily restore Samsung A51A50 Messages/Photos if you have back up to the google photos app.

Steps to Recover lost messages/photos from samsung A51/A50

Step 1: Open Google photos app on your Samsung Galaxy A51/A50

Step 2: Tap on the menu and tap on “trash” or “bin” , all you can see all the back-up detail photos information show on.

Step 3: Tap “Restore” to Recover the photos which you want to choose from your Google photos app.

Method 2: Recover Samsung A51/A50 Photos/Messages with Android Data Recovery Tool.

Android Data Recovery easily restore deleted/lost data from Samsung Galaxy A51/A50. Designed to recover data deleted from Samsung Android machines. With the help of the program, Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 makes it easy to identify recently deleted photos and selectively recovery deleted photos/messages. In addition to photos, it can also recover a variety of Android data, including video, contact information, SMS, call records, files, WhatsApp information, etc. Android data recovery due to some situations. All Samsung modes are compatible with Android modes (such as Samsung Galaxy A51/A50/A40/A30A/A20/A10/A70/A80/A90.

Video guide:

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Steps to Recover Deleted Photos/Messages from Samsung A51/A50:

Step 1: Run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Click the “Android Data Recovery” option.

Step 2 : Connect the Samsung phone to the computer

Connect Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 to computer with USB cable, and activate USB debugging on mobile phone.

Step 3: Select the photo/messages file scanned by Samsung A51/A50

If the mobile phone is connected to the computer, you can see all the recoverable data types such as photos, SMS, contact information, etc. To fix the photo, click gallery. Then click next.

Step 4: Allow Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 scan
If the next window appears, super user authentication may appear on Samsung phones to allow device search. If you want to get it, please click “allow”.

Step 5: Recover lost photos/messages on Samsung A51/A50
After scanning, all the recently deleted data will be displayed in the list, and the data can be confirmed and viewed in advance in the “Gallery” file. Finally, click “recover” to save all selected photos and messages to the computer.


Method 3: Recover Deleted Samsung A51/A50 Photos from Google Photos app

We don’t worry about photos damage when Samsung A51’s photos are deleted through the app. You can quickly restore delete in the recycle bin of the Google photos app. Take photos again within 60 days. Let’s learn how to recover Samsung’s lost or deleted photos from our photo app.

Step 1: Samsung Galaxy A51/A50 smartphone opens our Google photo app.
Step 2: Click “trash can” in the upper left menu to see all the deleted photos and view the details.
Step 3: Select the photos you want to restore, then open the recover tab to restore the photos deleted from our photo app, and then restore the deleted photos to the gallery of Samsung Galaxy A51/A50.

Reasons for data loss of Samsung mobile phone

Factory Reset: In order to speed up the speed of slow mobile phones, factory initialization is carried out. isn’t it? The questions are as follows. Do not back up SMS and MMS information, which will cause loss.

Accidental Message Deletion : This is probably the most common. We like to delete. What is free space, right? Information with attachments is usually the first object. Moreover, we will not stop after deleting the first large information. If you find that it has been deleted until it is deleted.

Phone Crash : the rarest of the three scripts. But telephone collisions and system errors don’t usually knock on the door. It may be caused by virus or hardware operation. But it will happen. Moreover, sometimes information is deleted.

Method to back up your samsung data to computer

Backup Samsung A51/A50 Data to Computer via Mibile Transfer

Use your mobile phone to synchronize files safely.
Fully restore the data backed up to the computer to the device.
Click once to back up your content on your phone with your computer.
Including contact information, SMS, call record, photo, video, music, calendar, application program, application data and more of mobile data backup support.