How to Recover Deleted & Lost Photos Videos from Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+

Actually, in my spare time, I usually study a lot of cell phone types and their usages. I figure that with the development of technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligentized and it’s awfully interesting to study them. And recently, with the advent of the full screen era, Samsung has officially launched two new products to Vietnam–Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+. In terms of hardware configuration, they are all equipped with a new generation of Exynos 7885 eight-core processor and carry the Infinity screen of 18.5:9. It’s the first time that Samsung uses a front-facing dual camera. What’s more, this time, Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ removes the iris recognition feature but retains the face recognition and post-fingerprint identification. The location of the fingerprint module is centered, and there is no need to worry about touching the rear lens. However, Samsung has not disclosed its sales plans for the Chinese market. If you’re interested, keep watching.

Also, many of my friend konw that I’m capable of dealing with all kinds of problems on cell phones. Last week, my friend called me and turned to my help. She said her little son used her mobile phone and deleted some photos and videos accidently. I knew how anxious she was, because she was a shutterbug and stored plentiful photos and videos in her phone. Thus, I recommended her a practical software to tackle her problem. After a few minutes, she callled me back and told me her data were recovered successfully. In effect, that software has been highly acclaimed for a long time. When my friend need to recover their lost data, I always recommend it to them. Are you curious about what software I’m talking about? Now please let me simply introduce it to you.

The software I mentioned above is Android Data Recovery, which is the well received tool to recover deleted or lost files. As a practical software, Android Data Recovery has plentiful specialties. First,it enables you to get your delected files back fleetly from almost all Android phones/SD card/tablet on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS Sierra/macOS High Sierra, even the broken Android devices, as well as repairing the abnormal Android OS. Second, it highly supports loads of data, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, audio, documents, WhatApp messages, etc.. Besides, it’s not only efficient but also reliable. It has a high speed of recovering data. Just in a few minutes and one click, your data will be recovered without any lost. Believe it or not, it’s so high-authority. What’s more, your personal privacy will be protected perfectly owing to the fact that this Android data management program will only read your Android data, it will not modify or leak any data on your device. Last but no least, it doesn’t require any specialized tech knowledge, it’s easy to operate. In addition to these, there are more useful features to explore.


Having known so much practical features, do you want to konw how to operate it? You can download it grastis temporarily and follow my instructions. Please let me take the Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ as an example to show you how to recover delected and lost photos and videos.

Directly to Recover Deleted and Lost Photos/Videos from Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+

Step 1. Launch Android Data Recovery and connect your Galaxy A8/A8+ to PC

To beginning with, please download and run this powerful Android data recovering software on your computer. Then connect the Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ to the computer with a USB cable. After managing to concatenate your phone, the Android Data Recovery for Android will detect it by itself.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your Galaxy A8/A8+

In order to initiate the data-recovery process, you need to empower the debugging mode on your phone. If you don’t open it, Android Data Recovery for Android will facilitate you to do. It will detect your Android version and teach you how to open the USB debugging mode on your phone. Just follow the instructions and click “OK” button to start the next step.

Step 3. Select the file types you want to recover

After connection, all file types on your Android will be displayed in the interface. It’s flexible so you can choose the file types you tend to recover. For instance, you can select the “Gallery” and “Videos” to recover your deleted photos and videos.

Then click “Next” button to scan the the deleted and lost data from your Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+.

Step 4. Preview and recover the data you selected

When the scanning is complete, all types of files will be listed in categories on the left control. You are able to check the detailed information of each data. Preview and select the photos, as well as videos you have an inclination to recover, and then click “Recover” button to complete the recovering process.

Warm Tip: Please ensure that your Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ and computer are connected all through the process, or else it’ll be not smoothly and take you longer time to wait.