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3 Ways to Recover Deleted and Lost Notes from iPhone XR

Summary: Can the lost and deleted notes restored from your iPhone XR? This article will tells a most simple and professional ways for you to get back the lost and deleted notes on your iPhone XR even if without backup.

Not long ago, Apple released a new iPhone XR and iPhone XS(MAX), this time they have been greatly improved in performance configuration. And now there are a lot of jailbreak releases. As we all know, many iPhone users want to get more and more privileges through jailbreak. However, many jailbreak versions are not mature. Even though some users' iPhone XR has been successful jailbreak, there are some tricky issues that come with them. Some users found that some important data like notes from iPhone XR was gone after the jailbreak. For this case, how the user to solve it?

However, in the daily use process, data loss is very common, and there is not only one reason for data loss. There is no doubt that the notes helps us to record some important things, maybe work items, maybe schedules, maybe lists, and so on. Of course, you must don't want to lose these important notes from your iPhone XR. To restore the deleted and lost notes on iPhone XR, I strongly recommend iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery is an outstanding and professional data recovery tool that can perfectly restore the deleted and lost notes from your iPhone XR. In addition, it can restore other kinds of data, such as Contacts, Messages, Call history, Photos, Videos, Calendar, Reminder, WhatsApp messages, Messenger, Voice memos, Voicemail, Safari's Bookmark and so on. As the name suggests, this is a recovery software that serves iOS devices. It support a variety of iOS devices such as iPhone XS(Max), iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(Plus), iPad, iPod Touch, etc.. Besides, its steps are simple and the software is safe, so you can use it safely.


Directly Get Back Deleted and Lost Notes on iPhone XR

Step 1. Like using other software, you must first install and run iPhone Data Recovery on the computer, and connect your iPhone XR to the computer through USB cable.

Step 2. After the connection is successful, the software will automatically detects the device. After the test is successful, please click on "Start Scan", and the scanning process will start.

Step 3. Aafter the scan is completed, all the files in the device will be listed in the category. You can find the target file in your own category, and preview them one by one.

Step 4. Select the notes that what you needed in the list, and press the "Recover" button. The selected file will be exported and saved to your computer.

If you don't have any backup files, the above method is the best way for you to get back the deleted and lost notes from your iPhone XR, but if you have previously backed up your iPhone XR via iTunes or iCloud, the following two methods can help extracting to restore your lost notes from iTunes or iCloud backup.

Restore iPhone XR Notes from iTunes Backup
Restore iPhone XR Notes from iCloud Backup

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