How to Recover iPhone from frozen Apple Screen Without Losing Data

Even if the configuration of the iPhone is excellent, it cannot avoid the phone fault. People’s wrong operation may cause problems with the iOS system. Recently, I made a survey. The content of this survey is about the fault type of iOS system. The results of the survey show that frequent system fault in iPhone are the following: iPhone stuck in recovery mode loop or iTunes logo, iPhone turns into white Apple logo screen, iPhone appears frozen and doesn’t respond at all.

My iPhone 6 was frozen last week. No matter what I do, it’s not responding. I surf the Internet and find some solutions; the most direct way is take it to repair shop. But there are users who the situation is the same as mine; they said that the phone data are lost after the repair. My phone data is not backed up, if the phone data is lost, which will give me a great impact. How can I solve this problem? How to recover my iPhone from frozen apple screen?

It doesn’t matter if your iPhone is frozen, because you can use iOS System Recovery to restore the phone. It is able to recover the phone without losing and deleting the data, and the recovery process is also safe. It can effectively solve various iOS system problems and successfully restore your phone. The whole process takes only a few minutes, and the steps are simple. In addition, this is a design for the iOS device, so all the iPhone on the market can use it. The interface design of the software is intuitive, clear prompt allows you to quickly solve the phones problem.


Steps to Recover iPhone from frozen Apple Screen

Step 1. Choose the repairing feature

Please download and install dr.fone toolkit for iOS on your computer. After running it, you can see the following interface. All features are displayed on the interface, you need to find and click on “System Recovery”. Then, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. When the program recognizes your phone, click “Start”.


Step 2. Download and select firmware

In the new window, you will need to click the “download” button to download the firmware. The program will automatically detect your phone mode and provide the latest version of the firmware; you only need to click “download”.



Step 3. Fix your iOS to return it to normal

When the firmware is downloaded, the program will automatically start repairing your iPhone. Your phone starts to repair to normal mode. Please note that the connection between the phone and the computer cannot be disconnected throughout the process. When your iPhone is successfully repaired, the window will show “the repair of operating system is complete”.



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