How to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts after iOS 10 Upgrade

A year ago, iOS 9 to the user brings many new features and a surprise also has the flaw, and after a year’s WWDC, iOS 9 upgrade to iOS 10, which doesn’t seem to have any subversive update, but Apple added and modified many of the details in iOS 10, for example, cancel slide unlock, uninstall the pre-install applications, Siri can recognize songs, reform iMessages and make it more comprehensive, and so on. So, because of this series of new features, attracting a number of iPhone users to upgrade their systems to the latest iOS 10. However, the attendant problems also make a lot of users feel very confused. Let’s look at the following cases first:

“After updating my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 10 beta 1, I lost all of my contacts, text messages and imessages. Is there any way to get them back without any backup?!” — From Apple Discussion Forum.

With this thing you can just go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud account and make sure the button for photos is green. Apparently this is happening to quite a few people and multiple times. So just keep checking the settings if it happens again. I guess for some reason iCloud keeps unsyncing the contacts.

If these simple methods cannot bring your lost contacts back, you still have another choice. Check out this iPhone data recovery software – iOS 10 Data Recovery, and it will help you recover lost and disappeared iPhone contacts after iOS 10 updated. This software is used for recovering deleted or lost files from iOS devices and iTunes/iCloud backups, and the software also helps users backup iPhone, iPad and iPod touch files to computer, what’s more, you can use this software to get iPhone out of recovery mode/Apple logo looping/white screen/blank screen with a click. The software perfectly works with the latest version of iOS 10, as well as iOS 9/8, so you take advantage of it with no worries. The following guidance will show you how to recover lost contacts on iPhone after iOS 10 upgrade, and you can free download the software and have a try. iOS 10 Data Recovery also can restore lost contacts, photos, videos, messages on almost all iPhone, including iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/5S/5 and so on.


After downloading an installing the software, launch it on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable, the program will detect it soon automatically.

Three Simple Ways to Recover iPhone Lost Contacts after Upgrading to iOS 10

Tutorial 1: Recover Lost iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Select the iTunes Backup to Scan

Choose the mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup File” on the left column, and you’ll get the interface as follow. Now you are in front of the backup files for the device. Just choose the one of your iPhone and click “Start Scan” to extract contacts from your iPhone backup file.

Note: The number of backup files you get here depends on how many Apple devices you’ve synced with iTunes before.

Step 2. Recover Your iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup

When the scan is over, the whole backup content are extracted and also displayed. You can check the video which is in .mpeg format in general, and click “Recover to Device” or “Recover to Computer” on the top menu to store it on your computer.

Note: To avoid losing your iPhone contacts again, immediate backup is very important and useful. Every time when you shoot videos with your iPhone, do remember to backup them on your computer first, please click here to read more: Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer.

Tutorial 2: Directly Recover Lost Contacts from Your iPhone

Step 1. Choose the File Types to Scan

When your iPhone is well connected with the program, by default, the program will automatically executes the first recovery mode. You need to mark those file types you want, and click on “Start Scan” button to scan your iPhone for the lost data. The scanning will not spend too much of your time, please wait patiently.

Step 2. Preview and Recover Lost Contacts from Your iPhone

After the scan, all the lost and deleted data on your iPhone from iPhone are found and listed in organized categories. To find your contacts, check the “Contacts“, which contains captured phone number and contacts. Mark those you want and click “Recover to Device” or “Recover to Computer” button at the bottom to save them all on your iPhone or computer with one click.

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items.

Tutorial 3: Restore Lost iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Select the iCloud Backup to Download and Scan

Choose the mode of “Recover from iCloud Backup File” and then sign in iCloud. In a while, you can see a list of backup files in the main window, just select the one you need and download it. Next, click “Scan”.

Step 2. Recover Lost iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup File

The scan will take you some time. Then you can check contacts in the categories of “Contacts” on the left column. Mark those you want back and click on the “Recover to Device” or “Recover to Computer” button to save them on your computer.