How to Recover iPad Lost Notes Calendars Photos Videos after iOS 10 Upgrade

In modern society, people live a quick-space life. Time of one day seems not enough. People have lots of things to do everyday. Some even works overtime and stay up very late to finish the work or study. As a modern people, we need to learn to arrange our time and make schedule for ourselves. Luckily, there are lots of Apps which can make note in calenders with photos or voice. This kind of recording schedule is very convenient.

Some iPad Notes users attach most important to this function. They consider that the detail of calenders they made and special photos are quite important and significant to them. They think these are their trials of growing and living. So when they missed the data of calenders and photos after iOS 10 upgrade, they must find them back by any means.

To help this users to deal with the problem, we sincerely recommend a good tool to them. That is iPad Data Recovery. It is the most popular data recovery software for its high recovery rate and easy usage.

iPad Data Recovery is designed to the World’s 1st iPhone and iPad data recovery software and it is also deserved this reputation. It fits iPhone, iPad, iPod touch series. In another word, iPad Data Recovery is fully compatible with latest iPhone models. This software is easy to control and provides with three ways to recover iPhone data, such as lost photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and so on. In another word, to recovering iPad Notes calendars photos, videos and more after iOS 10 upgrade is just a piece of cake for iPad Data Recovery.


Steps to Recover iPad Lost Notes Calendars Photos Videos after iOS 10 Upgrade

Step 1. Launch iPad Data Recovery on the PC and Connect Your iPad to PC

Download and install iPad Data Recovery on the PC. Run it properly and connect your iPad on your computer. Once your device is connected, iPad Data Recovery will directly detect your iPad soon and you need to confirm “Recover from iOS Device.”

Note: To guarantee the recovery process smooth, it is better to close any other background Apps on your device.

Step 2. Scan the Lost Data from Your Device

After detecting, there are the options of deleted data and existing data from your device appearing on the window. Select “Calendars”, “Photos”, “Videos” and whatever you want.


If the above selection is done, click on “Start Scan” button and iPad Data Recovery will begin scanning at once. Meanwhile, you can press “Pause” button when you find the needed data of calendara, photos, videos, and more is scanned.


By the way, this process might costs you a few minutes.

Step 3. Preview the Found Data

In this step, the found data of calendars, photos, videos, notes and more will be shown to you in categories. You can preview them clearly and slowly.

Note: If you want to distinguish the deleted data and existing flies, just turn on the option of “Only display the deleted items”, or search for a specific file by typing a keyword in the search box.

Step 4. Recover Data from iPad as Your Want

Select the items of calendars, photos, videos, notes and more you need and click the “Recover” button to save the selected data on the PC.


Note: If you want to put found data back to your device, click on “Recover to Device” button. But generally, the program will automatically save the data on the PC.