How to Recover Lost Contacts on LG

Nowadays, everybody are almost have a mobile phone, even many friends have more than one mobile phone. The relationship between person and person closely together through advanced science and technology. And the small function in the cell phone also make people’s lives very convenient, but if your LG contacts got lost accidentally, it will be a lot of trouble for you to find someone if you lost the contact. At that time, is there any way to recover lost contacts from LG mobile phone?

To my LG mobile phone, the contacts have got lost in it cause by restored the factory Settings. My LG have been saved at least 500 contacts in two years. But now the important hundreds of contacts have been lost due to I restored factory Settings accidentally.

But when we have no backup our LG contacts, how can we recover the lost contacts on our LG mobile phone? Here we can learn about the solution for such situation together.

Use the top LG Data Recovery software to try to recover the lost contacts from your LG mobile phone. Leading research and development of LG Data Recovery software can handle mobile phone lost data on mobile phones cause by various reasons, damaged LG, accidentally deleted and virus damage cases. The software adopts pieces processing technology, it can maximum ensure to recover lost data on phone card.

If you want to recover lost or deleted contacts on LG, we recommend you 3rd party LG Data Recovery software tool. It can not only recover deleted android contacts, text messages, videos, photos, call history and more from LG mobile phone.
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Use guide for how to recover deleted contacts from LG

Step 1. Run the program and connect LG to computer

After download the app, Install and run the program on your computer. Pay attention: Do not pull off your USB during the whole progress.

Step 2. Scan your LG mobile and analyze lost contacts

Please click “Start” to make the app analyze your LG device as the picture we show you.

Note: Your phone battery is more than 20% changed before scanning. It will take you a few minutes to wait for the scanned results. You can choose “Contacts“, “Messages” or “Videos” if you like.

Step 3. Preview and recover your contacts on LG

When the scanning is over, all your phone lists have been scanned out. Choose contacts you need and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.