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How to Recover Deleted & Lost Text Message from Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to restore deleted message from phone? Many people have a headache due to mistakenly deleted SMS. we will use the phone to store the contact and SMS when we usually communicate with other people. And once this information is lost, it will make our communication becomes inconvenient. At this time we will be through a variety of ways to recover deleted text messages. I ever have a headache due to mistakenly deleted SMS. Because it is a very important information, so I went through a variety of ways to recover deleted text messages. Fortunately, I finally successful recover message. Today I will share the method to find deleted text messages, in order to avoid anxious after accidentally deleted messages.

Here, we came to achieve the restoration of deleted SMS through a powerful software, that is “Android Data Recovery”.

Android Data Recovery is a data recovery software which design and development for Android mobile phone. The software can recover deleted photos, video, contacts, SMS and so on. Whether it is SD card damage or system crash caused the loss of data, can use the Android Data Recovery. This software is also compatible with more than 6 thousand Android devices. Android Data Recovery’s operation is easy, after connect the Android phone to computer, open the software to scan, select the file to restore, you can restore the file.

Next I will be to restore the deleted message from the Note 7 to introduce the software in detail.


Simple Steps to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages/SMS from Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Step 1. Connect Your Note 7 to Your Computer

First, download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. And then use the USB line to connect your Samsung mobile phone.

Step 2. Enabled USB Debugging in Note 7

Next, you need to start the USB debugging, the specific steps as shown below. After that, the program will automatically detect your Note 7 soon.

Step 3. Analyze Your Note 7 for the Lost Data

When your is recognized, the window of the program is shown as follows, you just click “OK” to enter the next step, in addition, you need to ensure that your cell phone battery power is not less than 20%. Here, the program requires you to check the type of file you want to scan, just mark whateven you liked and click “next”.

To the next screen, you are allowed to choose the scanning mode, there are two scanning modes for you to choose, one is the Standard mode, the other is the Advanced mode, just select the one as you want and click “Start” to go on. So the program began to analyze and scan your Note 7.

Step 4. Restore the Deleted Messages from Note 7

After analyzing and scanning your Note 7, all the recoverable data will be displayed. You can preview them one by one, including text messages and attachments. Please check the data that you want to restore, click on “Recover”.