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How to Recover Deleted Contacts Messages on Galaxy Note 5/4/3

Losing data from smart phone is a common issue at present. Almost every smart phone users would meet this situation. Without smart phone in hand, we will find we are unable to contact someone and tell somebody something immediately through the Internet. Smart phone play such a dispensable role in our daily life, we absolutely need to protect it well and keep the data safe.

However, even though you encounter the trouble of data losing, there is a tool to help you solve problems at ease. It is called Samsung Data Recovery. Yesterday, one of my friend lost his contacts and messages on his Galaxy Note 5/4/3. He takes charge a competition recently. He has to contact the competitors and send messages to inform them of the details of contest. Unfortunately, he suddenly find that all contacts and messages on his Galaxy Note 5/4/3 is wiping. But after a while, he found the lost data back and appreciate me very much, because I recommended Samsung Data Recovery to him.

Samsung Data Recovery also well-known as the Android Data Recovery Unit, it is fully compatible with 6000+ Android devices, like Samsung, LG, HTC and so on. It can help you regain your lost contacts, messages, music, WhatsApp chats, photos, documents and other more. In conclusion, it is no exaggeration to say that this software is the world’s 1 st Android smart phone and tablet recovery software. With this software, the lost data is not lost because it can recover files from many common scenarios, even after factory reset and cracked screen. Besides, it can fix the bricked Android devices without pressure.


Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts Messages on Galaxy Note 5/4/3

Step 1. Connect Your Galaxy Note 5/4/3 to the PC

Install the software and launch Samsung Data Recovery on the PC. And then, please connect your device to the PC via USB cable. Once you decide to use it, do not start any other Android phone management software, for that may affect the recovery process.

Tips: When your device is connected, you need to enable USB debugging, otherwise your device may not be recognized and the software can’t work. If your device is recognized and detected at once, you can skip this tip.

Step 2. Choose the File Type to Scan

As you finish last step, you can check the files you want to restore, choose contacts and messages to scan, and then type “Next” to continue the recovery.

Step 3. Allow to Analyze and Scan the Lost Data You Select

Choose one scanning mode which matches your device. One is “Standard Mode” that is what we generally suggest you to choose, because it suits in most of time and work fast. The other mode is “Advanced Mode”. If you find “Standard Mode” do not adjust to your device, you can choose the other mode.

After the above choice, click “Start” to start to analyze and then click “Allow” to detect your device one more time.

1.The analyzing and scanning may cost a few minutes so you need to be patient.
2.Ensure the battery of your device is more than 20% to uphold this step and the next steps.
3.During the scanning,there might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device. If you get it, click "Allow" to confirm it. If not, just forget it.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Lost Data on Your Galaxy Note 3/4/5

There will show you the existing and deleting data. You can preview the whole data and check them one by one clearly. By the way, to avoid selecting the existing flies to restore, you can turn on the button of "Display deleted files only".

Check the items of contacts and messages you needed and type "Recover" to save them on the PC.

Now, you see. Just through a few steps, you can find back the lost data you needed. Why not have a try and know more about Samsung Data Recovery. I ensure it can be the best data recovery expert to your smart phone.

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