How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Nokia 9

The news about NOKIA 9 has been constantly reported by the media, and I am also very concerned about it because I am going to buy a new phone. NOKIA 9 will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor, and equipped with dual cameras. What’s more, its RAM is 8GB. 8GB? When I saw this news, I was surprised. I couldn’t imagine how smooth the NOKIA 9 would be. With a bigger RAM, phone can open more applications. It doesn’t increase the running speed of the program if its capacity is enough. It can only be said that RAM is better to ensure the normal operation of phones. I can’t wait to buy it.

However, before buying NOKIA 9, I would like to know how to recover lost or deleted data from NOKIA 9. It is a common problem that the data in the phone is accidentally deleted. And I am very careless, and this problem is more likely to happen. So, I wonder if the data has been deleted or lost in NOKIA 9, can I restore them?

You can use Android Data Recovery to solve your doubts. As the name suggests, Android Data Recovery is a software designed for Android devices. As a result, almost all Android devices can use it, such as Nokia, Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, SONY, LG, Vivo, and so on. In addition, it supports to recover photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, audio, call history, etc. Thirdly, its steps are simple and convenient, and anyone can master it. More importantly, it’s 100% risk free, and the data in the Nokia 9 will not be damaged. Another powerful feature of the software is that it can solve a variety of tricky data recovery problems, such as lost data due to OS update, device stuck and not responding, data missing after Rooting or ROM flashing.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Nokia 9 without Backups

Step 1. Launch the Program and choose the mode

Please download the recovery tool to your computer and you can click the “Download” button to get it directly. Then follow the prompts to install and run it. When the program’s main interface is displayed on the computer, select “Data Recovery” from all the toolkits.

Step 2. Connect your NOKIA 9 to computer

Prepare a USB line and use it to connect your NOKIA 9 to the computer. For the program to successfully identify your phone, you need open USB debugging on your NOKIA 9.

Step 3. Select file types to scan

When your NOKIA 9 is successfully recognized by the program, you can select the file type to scan. By default, all of the file types are checked. You can click “Next” directly if you don’t have specific needs. When you need to restore one or two file types, you can uncheck other file types.

Step 4. Scan your NOKIA 9 to find the lost data on it

Then you’ll also need to select a scan type for your NOKIA 9. Obviously, there are two modes, the standard mode and the advanced mode. Check one of these modes according to your needs and click “Start”.

Next, the program starts scanning your NOKIA 9. The process will take several minutes.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click “Allow” to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 5. Preview and recover deleted data on NOKIA 9

When the scan is complete, you can preview the found data one by one. Check the items you want and click “Recover” to save them all on your computer.