How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

In our daily life, sometimes a little carelessness may cause a lot of trouble, such as the information stored in the cell phone.Relatives, friends, and customer’s contacts we are used to store to Android mobile phones, especially as Android mobile phones’ storage function is becoming stronger and stronger, nearly no longer do handwritten backups.

However, due to some unpredictable reasons, the contact information is easy deleted accidentally, and these have been mistaken to delete data, Recover lost Android Contacts is likely to be very important for us, what should I do? This may be to let a lot of people upset. If you are Android mobile phone system users, the use of Android mobile phone contact recovery could recover your deleted or lost data easily.

Android Data Recovery is mainly aimed at the Android system of mobile phone, no matter what brand is your android mobile phone, as long as the android system, it all can through the Android Data Recovery to restore the mistaken delete data from your android mobile phone. In the operation of the android data recovery interface,it can clearly show that the recovery software’s several big function,including recover the android lost contacts information.

Many users will have a worry with Android Data Recovery, it is worried about security issues. The user’s personal information was leaded at the same time when you operate the Data Recovery software to recover lost data on your mobile phone,and it is likely to cause greater harm.Don’t worried, this Android Data Recovery is in all encrypted data recovery processing,the user’s personal information will be protected. It won’t appear the situation of the information.

Android Data Recovery can not only recover the contacts information,but also restore text messages,phone records,information,operation process,photos,notes,videos from android mobile phone. The preview function is quite practical. Though the use of the android data recovery,the current Android Data Recovery has become the most popular data recovery application APP.


Use guide to recover contacts from Android Phone via Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Install and run the program

Step 2. Connect Android phone to computer and enable USB debugging

1) As Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter and click “Settings”
2) As Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter and click “Settings”
3) As Android 4.2 or latest: Enter and click “Settings”

Step 3. Scan Android phone for lost contacts

Click “Start” to analyze your Android device and wait for a few seconds.

Turn to click “Allow” until it disappear,and click “Start” to scan your Android for lost contacts.

Step 4. Preview and recover android contacts